Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sophisticated Living: THE DUKE

We've posted about Sophisticated Living before because their staging and design are eye-catching. Their designs would fit perfectly in the condos and lofts populated by people with a hankering for clean and sleek.

The German company just introduced "THE DUKE"

THE DUKE was named after Duke Kahanamoku (born on August 24, 1890 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii). He is generally regarded as the founder of modern surfing. Hawaiian missionaries at one time banned surfing as a form of reprehensible idleness. At the beginning of the 20th century, surfing had been rediscovered with Kahanamoku making it popular worldwide.

A slender metal frame and supple upholstered arm and backrests characterize THE DUKE. The seat cushions are available in varying degrees of hardness. This model is available in standard as well as custom sizes. In addition, the metal frame is available in all RAL colors.

I suspect the design of  THE DUKE would appeal most to people looking for a deep seat and low back

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chaka MarketBridge

Jacobo is one of 4,000 potters in the small Nicarguan town of San Juan de Oriente, population 5,600. Beginning at the age of eight, he was taught to be an artisan by his mother as she was taught by her's. Jose recently remodeled his house from the proceeds of his pottery and Pedro, who has been a potter since the age of 12, wants to buy a lot to build a home for his family. The pots these artists make are some of the most beautiful earthenware pots I’ve seen yet suffer in comparison to the actual pot in one’s hand.

One big problem for any artist in Nicaragua is how to escape the local market dependent on tourism and plug in to the global marketplace. Enter Chaka MarketBridge.

Chaka MarketBridge’s goal is to be that global marketplace. “To be the bridge that allows the world to discover these amazing artisans, helping them sell their beautiful art and gain a fair income …And to bring to life their hope for a better future.”

Chaka MarketBridge purchases pots from the artisans at their asking price. Many times, artisans actually offer their products too low. If so, Chaka tells them they will pay them more. Many times the artisan really doesn’t know the real value of his or her products.

The important point to note is that Chaka pays their artisans fair wages in accordance with the fair trade federation. This is an organization that is sort of a consumer stamp of approval indicating that Chaka pays fair prices to their artisans. According to the fair wage calculator by World of Good Chaka even pays 300% over fair trade prices. This calculation is based on cost of living, price of materials, etc.

The goal of Chaka MarketBridge is to lift developing communities through the local market; it is not to replace that local market. The aim is to grow each artisan’s annual income by 25%, per year.

That’s enough to allow them to live significantly better, to send their children to school, to eat more meals at home. But, it is not enough to to be wholly dependent on Chaka.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ready Your Home For Fall

Fall is just around the corner; the 23rd of September.  How about doing some things to your home that reflect the change in seasons and give your home some punch without breaking the budget?

An article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal suggests changing "...slip covers, pillows and your throw blankets, add a duvet to your bed, change your window treatment or bathroom towels; or simply add a table runner to bring fall into your home without breaking your budget." Get rid of the white or cream colored items and add fall colors of orange and red.  Some experts are suggesting mustard will be the new color for fall.

Aguerri-Gomez, Academic Dean of The Art Institute of Michigan-Troy, a branch campus of The Art Institute of Michigan. predicts that mustard will be a key color this fall. Add a mustard table runner and change up your dinnerware and placemats to bring your table from light and airy to warm and welcoming. Don't want to part with the lemons and limes nestled inside your glass vase as table decor? Try compromising and replace the citrus with artichokes and pomegranates for a fall final touch.

Lastly, change your lighting or lamp shades to make your living space as warm and cozy as possible.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Eight decades of selling furniture coming to a close - NorthJersey.com

Eight decades of selling furniture coming to a close - NorthJersey.com

Joe Bograd, 76, Mark's father, who has been with the store since 1956, said part of the problem is that "the people who are now the buyers, the people in their 40s and 50s, grew up not seeing good furniture." Bograd's specialized in furniture - much of it signed by the craftsman who built it - made in high-end factories in the United States and countries like Italy, at a time when lower cost furniture made in China and Indonesia is becoming the norm.

"There is a new generation of people who think furniture is disposable," said Marcia, Joe's wife and Mark's mother.

"None of us ever believed people would buy furniture from a picture, but that's turned out to be the case," Lambeth said. He said that while he hates to see Bograd's close, the family probably made the right decision.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Garage Sale

We are finally done with Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery at 1636 NW 15th. Now all that's left is a Garage Sale (2558 NE 32nd Ave)

We closed our furniture store and this is what's left. Art, mirror, chairs, table, office supplies, artificial plant, furniture dolly, books and more.
Monday 9:00 to 3:00 2558 Ne 32nd Ave Portland

We'll see you Monday sitting in the hot sun sipping a cool adult beverage, wheelin' and dealin' the detritus of a 10 year old business. After that is on to What's Next!