Friday, July 21, 2017

Home Decorating Tips for the Fashion-Obsessed

Can’t resist a deal on Michael Kors shoes, bags, shirts…or anything? We love to help homeowners celebrate their individual sense of style all throughout their home. If your love of fashion has reached a new level, consider some of these tips for weaving your aesthetic and personality into every room of your home.

Play With Texture and Color

When it comes to creating the perfect outfit, you probably consider every element and how it will all work together. From shine to ruffles, lace, and mesh, textures are essential to consider when creating an aesthetic. Ruffles and lace cue a romantic or blush vibe, while sleek lines may sing classic beauty. The same rules go for decor. Have fun, and make bold choices!

Vary textures when choosing your textiles. Ruffled comforters are great for a cozy, fluffy bedspread, while industrial accents—like concrete, metal, and piping—offer a unique and masculine sense of style. A plush rug balances the soft with something more substantial and grounding, and sheer curtains allow in plenty of natural light for a romantic, airy atmosphere. Work with these textures to create the perfect equilibrium.

Color works the same way. Choose your color palette for each room before you get started— searching through Pinterest or artists’ websites for color combinations is a great way to see your options before you put paint to the wall. Or, swing by the paint sample section of a home improvement store. Use fun pops of color in your textiles and smaller accents like lamps and hardware, and incorporate those various textures. It will all come together to create the perfect ensemble.

Accessorize Like a Fashionista

Longing for a bright and cheerful sunroom, but a romantic, calming bedroom? Use lighting to your advantage to create the perfect ambiance. Vary your lighting solutions to incorporate tabletop lamps, floor lamps, lanterns, track lighting, spotlighting, or anything else that helps you express your room’s story. You can even play with color and texture through your lampshades.

When it comes to accessories, use them sparingly but strategically. Anything that inspires you and coordinates with your color palette is fair game—from knickknacks to baskets, table runners, throw pillows, pictures frames, and more. Make sure not to overcrowd tables and mantels, which can cause a cluttered feeling that may elicit anxiety. Just like fashion, sometimes less can be more!

Decorate with Fashion Icons

You probably have a list of your top-five favorite celebrities of all time. Or maybe it’s fashion designers who have impacted your style and aspirations. Whether you’re inspired by a brand or product, Hollywood icon, or new fashion line, using your inspiration as artwork will weave in your passion throughout your home.

If you simply love Prada, go for some vintage advertising posters to display in your dressing room. Then incorporate some modern or avant-garde art that makes you want to shop ‘til you drop.

You can even use your fashion accessories to decorate. Perhaps you love your designer shoes so much, you want to display them on a shelf by color. Go for it! When you’re a true fashionista, your whole home is your closet, so have fun and stay creative!

Danielle Hegedus is an Atlanta based writer and home windows expert. She is a regular contributor to Modernize windows, as she loves writing about stylish window repair options as well as for a variety of lifestyle and home design websites. Danielle recently finished her first cookbook, in collaboration with Chef, Kamal Grant for Atlanta's beloved, Sublime Doughnuts.