Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Potter Eleanor Murphey

Art Beat on OPB recently had a wax resist potter, Eleanor Murphey, on and we thought her pottery was just beautiful. Imagine the training and weeks that go into each pot.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Create Conservatory Blinds

We have a guest post today from Dane Cross currently undergoing research and development for the company Vertical Blinds Direct.

Conservatory blinds come in all shapes and sizes and the challenge is deciding what is best for you and who should create and install them for you. Unless you are a professional installer yourself, you will not want to try this on your own.

Create a diagram of your conservatory and measure as best as you can for the areas you can get to. If you have the building plans, you can transfer measurements to your diagram. Your next step is to visit a home improvement decor centre and look through all the books they have for different types of blinds you can get for your conservatory.

This is really more a research project at this point and if you have your measurements with you, ask to get some basic pricing on what it would take to order and install. Your home improvement consultant can, at the least, provide by-the-window pricing and estimate any odd shaped windows you have, based on a vendor you've chosen.

Base your choice on how a product looks in the vendors' picture books and also the longevity of the product, any warranties provided, and your potential usage of opening and shutting the blinds over a period of time. Consider remote control aspects as well for areas not easy to reach.

If you are looking for a colour scheme to go in your conservatory, look at cellular blinds; preferably double-cell with solar backing that is lightweight but one that will still protect your furniture and rugs from sun glare. You can choose from many different colours in this style as well as many options, such as pull up/vertical blinds which will allow you to customise the value of your lighting.

Look at woven and bamboo styles for a less formal look. Check if there are any new man-made materials on the market, made especially to handle sun wear. 

~Dane Cross 

A side note, the Conservatory got its start in the "...16th century when wealthy landowners sought to cultivate citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges that began to appear on their dinner tables brought by traders from warmer regions of the Mediterranean."  From Conservatory came the development of green houses.  In America, our conservatories tend to be called sun rooms.  My father has a sun room off the living room in his Irvington home.

"The widespread construction of UK conservatories came to a halt with the onset of World War II. While the advent of insulated glass in the 1950s and 1960s saw the development of simple sunroom structures, it was not until the 1970s that creative architects and builders began to recreate the Victorian styling of 19th century English conservatories in smaller domestic versions using insulated glass."

Pick Up Planter

Jason Phillips has just wowed me with this accessory that looks inviting and repelling depending on your viewing angle:

Pick Up Planter measures dia20x16"h and is made from artist-grade resin.  Finished in a glossy black lacquer with orange dowels.  Other finishes can be custom ordered.  Will be produced and distributed by award-winning US-based company Phillips Collection.  Pricing and availability available upon request.  

More Quatrefoil

Clover is one of the new patterns at Tin Ceiling Express.

Tin Ceiling Express' Majestic design with its ornate handling of details demands your attention.

Roseton Field Relief Cement Tiles / Tiles 8x8 (20x20 cm) from Original Mission Tile

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Serious Proposal For Your Blog!

You have a blog, but haven't posted any information in a while. You have a blog, but it's hard to find the time to post regularly. Hi! I'm Mike Landfair and I'm a professional blogger. I realize to generate traffic that supplements your marketing efforts, takes posting regularly. I currently post regularly to five blogs and have built a blog from scratch at "Home Accents Today" that received 10,000 to 12,000 visits a month.

I want you to hire me to post once a week on your blog, in your voice as much as possible on subjects you think would be of interest to your potential clients. In addition, I will make sure that those posts show up on Facebook and Twitter to reach a wider audience. You will be able to track visitors and their interests to see traffic grow over time.

We can use PayPal so that you are billed each month. To start I need to collect information from you about you and your interests.

BTW, if your blog accepts ads, revenue from selected ads may offset my whole monthly fee. If you want to really have a successful blog, email me or call me at 503-249-7951 and let's get started.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Alexa Milton Does It Right!

Restaurant designer Alexa Milton really hits home when you hit her web site. She is believable, and has a great voice.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whittemore-Sherrill Furniture, High Point, Spring 2011, Part 1

Whittemore-Sherrill Furniture showroom in High Point, Spring 2011 – Part 1. By Chris Sparks, Editor of

We have a beautiful red leather Whittemore-Sherrill armchair on our floor that we're hoping to find a nice, loving home. Come see it at our liquidation sale!

Bev & Mike
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's New At Bella Casa?

Late in June Bella Casa's Richard Codanti teamed with the Keno Bros. of Emmy-nominated hit PBS television show, "Antiques Roadshow, to introduce their their eponymous furniture collectionOpens in a new window with Theodore AlexanderOpens in a new window. Ten percent of sales went to benefit the Albertina Kerr Army of AngelsOpens in a new window.

 We took a look at  the designs and were favorably impressed.

Groove - Rosewood Veneer Sycamore Veneer Sapele Interior Shelves.

Leaf - Figured Anegre Veneer Hyedua Veneer Interior: Two sections, each with three drawers and a media shelf.

Splay - Rosewood Veneer Stainless Steel Two Drawers Red Leather inlaid Charging Tray. Fitted with USB charger & power outlet

See more beautiful pieces at their website.

Bev & Mike
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Start All Over Again" Sung By Dana Glover

So many people are sad we are closing the store, but everyone says that they can't wait for our next adventure. We thought this song was great!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Old Couch Kicked To The Curb

Brad Flory writes today about a husband surprised when his wife said, “I ordered new furniture.” 

Many times, each day is pretty much like the day before and tomorrow is déjà vu all over again. We see our sofa that we plop down on at night as perfectly fine.  The stains by "...gallons of accumulated potato chip oil and snore spittle..." aren't even noticed. Noticed, that is, until we move or sit it out on the curb.  Then we see it was perfectly ugly, misshapened and stained.  Most of the time a "FREE" sign won't move the thing. And the last thing agencies that collect furniture for the down-on-their-luck need is another sofa.

Selling furniture is about creating a need. The furniture industry needs Brad Flory to write our ad copy. 

Bev & Mike
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Revamp Your Home With Going-Out-Of-Business Deals

This has been a tough economy for retailers of home decor.  The San Francisco Chronicle recommends revamping your home decor by shopping at going-out-of-business sales.
For two Bay Area companies, today marks the beginning of the end, as their going-out-of-business sales commence. The doors will remain open until their inventories are gone. Both were unique resources for tasteful home furnishings and accessories.
What Sally Socolich writes is true for us at Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery.  We are closing our doors by August 31st after ten years in business.  Our floor samples of Duralee, Sherrill and Bernhardt Interiors are medium to high-end sofas offered at just about cost.  When they're gone, there's no more at that price.  

The beautiful red-leather armchair is a must have for almost any sitting or reading area. The console that converts to a desk is astounding.  The two tête-à-tête upholstered chairs are a magical place for a couple.  As Sally said, "...early birds get the best selection."

Bev & Mike
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zintro Connects Professionals With Experts - FAST

Some of us are experiencing tough times! Duh! So this note on the ASID group on Linkedin caught my eye:

Seeking Interior Design consultants!

Zintro is seeking Interior Design experts for fee-based phone consults and project work. Zintro facilitates introductions to clients for free (a modest fee may be charged to the client if you both agree to talk). Zintro has over 4,000 clients looking for project work.

Zintro works as follows:
  • Client fills out a brief Inquiry form. Zintro matches the Inquiry against Expert profiles and forwards the anonymous Inquiry to Experts who might be a good fit.
  • Experts, who are qualified & interested, reply by sending a brief & anonymous electronic Proposal (via Zintro) to Client.
  • Client and Expert can further qualify each other by exchanging messages (zNotes).
  • When a Client accepts a Proposal and a "Zintro" is made. The Client and Expert agree on a time to talk and a private call-in number is provided to each.
  • If money is being paid to the Expert (often times initial consults are free), Zintro collects money from the Client (with a modest one time fee added on) and, pays the Expert his/her entire fee.
  • In addition to connecting Clients and Experts for fee-based phone consults, Zintro can also be used to connect Clients with consultants, contractors, and vendors for project-based and/or long-term relationships.
Now Zintro sounds like a way to add another source of income which could lead to bigger projects.

Bev & Mike
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kymo: Go On. And Create.

From kymo maker of contemporary floorwear, whose collections are distinctly stylish, classy – and cutting edge, comes FABRIC [FLAT] SUPERDOTS. Futuristic Floorwear for Superfreaks!

Kymo has paired a futuristic look and feel with 150.000 Martindale for a material that can withstand even the toughest of demands. (150.000 Martindale means its surface remains unvaried for an incredible long time of repeated usage.)

Bev & Mike
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Liquidation Begins!

We will be liquidating our inventory in order to close our showroom by August 31st, 2011. That beautiful Duralee sofa will be gone soon, as will Bev's gorgeous Whittemore-Sherrill red leather chair, and the Bernhardt Interiors sofa, and the white Sherrill sofa. All the accessories and art  and the console/desk combination from Uttermost will soon be gone. All the lamps lovingly selected by Beverly will be gone.

Select from these values and more at great prices up to 60% off retail. Will these pieces be in your clients' homes or yours? Will you be too late and these closeout prices will be gone forever?

Friday, July 08, 2011

Landfair Furniture To Close

Hopefully, you've heard by now that Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery will close on August 31st.  Bridget A Otto at Oregon Live  reported
Published: Thursday, July 07, 2011, 10:40 AM     Updated: Thursday, July 07, 2011, 11:02 AM
View full sizeBev Landfair
The economy has another victim: Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery is shutting its doors.

Bev Landfair and her husband, Mike, moved their business, Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery, from Southwest Macadam Avenue to the Pearl Design Center in the spring of 2007. Anchoring the nascent center was a thrill for them, Bev had said at the time.

The Landfairs' furniture business dates back 10 years, but Bev's career in Portland design goes back to those heady days in the '80s when Montgomery Park was the design nucleus in Portland.

Although most of Landfair's business was to the trade, her showroom was and always had been open to the public.

In a statement released Wednesday evening, the Landfairs say:

"Drat! The dreaded words you never wanted to hear, 'The economy finally got us!' Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery will close on August 31st, 2011!

"It's been a wonderful 10 years and we did everything we could think of to survive. We put all our resources into the showroom and have no more to give.

"Be assured that the vendors for your special orders have been paid in full and we are just waiting for your furniture to be delivered.

"Please, take advantage of our liquidation sale of floor samples. Everything must go!

"I've loved every minute of the 10 years that we have been in business. You have energized me! Thank you for that. It saddens me that I can't continue to do what I love."

– Bridget A. Otto

"Home Furnishing Business" reported that we are closing.

Over a year and a half ago, we went to our landlord and asked for renter relief.  Wherever we turned, we read of businesses that were negotiating lower rents to survive in the slow economy.  Our landlord would not budge.  We told him that the rents we were paying to him constituted 60% of our nut each month.  With revenues falling, it was getting harder and harder to pay his rents and meet our vendor obligations.  We sold assets and borrowed money to be here when the economy turned.  It didn't turn. 

Finally when we were over $17,000 behind in the rent, our landlord came to us with a plan.  He would switch from a fixed rent to a variable rate based on revenues to get us through the next ten months until our lease came up for renewal.  By this time with the increased debt payments, even a lower rental rate would not help us.  In the end we both lost. Now, his financial future may be in jeopardy and he needs to find a tenant to replace us in a building that will only be 25% occupied.  That's sad!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Quatrefoil At Walter Dill Design

Back in March of 2009, we posted about the quatrefoil Motif. Received an email the other day that indicates the design is still popular.

Walter Dill writes:
I have been designing using this (and many other) classic motifs for many years. A mirror frame is attached. Please check out other related ideas at Walter Dill Design. I am currently organizing my design business to go into the world - all of which are designed for production.

Your Fabricut Showroom

Did you know that Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery is the Fabricut showroom for Oregon? 

Fabricut is one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world; the brand designers depend on for everyday decorating. Fabricut is a quality driven company providing home furnishing fabrics and accessories of exceptional design and value to the interior design industry.

We have fabrics, memo samples and drapery hardware for you to touch and feel and take home samples for your clients. In addition, the Fabricut website has a Design Center with an online Design Board. This feature allows you to create and maintain virtual design boards for your clients. Add fabrics and trimmings to your design boards as you browse our inventory. You can also include a personalized comment with each item to help your clients capture your vision.

If you live in Montana or Idaho, North or South Dakota, where there isn't a Fabricut showroom contact us for help or samples.

Fabricut is a green company. They have implemented a corporate initiative, Environment Plus, and will continue each season to introduce sustainable fabrics. Fabrics and trimmings designated as part of the Environment Plus initiative embrace eco-friendly properties and are manufactured using environmentally stringent procedures.

Our showroom is open from Monday through Friday.

Bev & Mike
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See What Your Furniture Looks Like In Your Home Before You Buy It!

Susan Dickenson writes in "Home Accents Today's" June, 2011 issue that the iPad may revolutionize the home furnishings' selling process. 15 million iPads were sold in 2010. IDC market intelligence predicts that 70 million units will be shipped 2012. The iPad, Dickenson writes, "...has found a niche with sellers of home furnishings as a more efficient way to sell lamps, wall décor, accessories, rugs and accent furniture."
"For those early adopters, the iPad is replacing product photos and catalogs, enhancing their sales presentations and keeping them organized."
Now in Technology comes "a virtual reality interior designer that lets you try before you buy" Using both an iPhone and an iPad, you can upload your floor plan, project a life sized room and add life sized sofas and accent furniture. Then, using an iPad application, see the room in 3D.

Virtual Interior Design from Ankith Konda on Vimeo.

It's not here yet, but technology is changing the retail environment.

Bev & Mike
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Friday, July 01, 2011

16th Annual Pinnacle Design Achievement Awards

The ASFD, American Society of Furniture Designers, has named the finalists for the 16th Annual Pinnacle Design Achievement Awards. The winners will be announced at a dinner at the High Point Market Monday, Oct. 24.

"The judges were impressed by the quantity and quality of entries for this year’s competition and they did an outstanding job in the process,” said Steve Hodges, chairman of ASFD’s Pinnacle Committee. "We appreciate and thank them for their participation."

We are pleased to note that several of our vendors are represented in the finalists. The list includes:

Juvenile Furniture
MIX Young America
Richard Schroeder, ASFD; Denis Kissane, ASFD for Stanley Furniture

Leather Upholstery
Stefanie Lucas for Rowe Furniture

Chatham LED Table Lamp
Bret Curtain for Woodard Furniture

Home Office
European Farmhouse
Richard Schroeder, ASFD; Denis Kissane, ASFD; Gary Hokanson for Stanley Furniture

Major Collections
Coastal Living Resort
Richard Schroeder, ASFD; Denis Kissane, ASFD; Gary Hokanson for Stanley Furniture

Vintage Patina
Chris Bergelin, ASFD; Thad Bergelin for Bernhardt Furniture

Green Leaf Award
MIX Young America
Richard Schroeder, ASFD; Denis Kissane, ASFD for Stanley Furniture

Click here for a complete list of the finalists

Our Blog Is Recognized For "Mad Men"

Tracy (as in Dick Tracy?), informed us that our blog is featured on Criminal Justice's
list of the best Mad Men blogs found here: Tracy compiled a list of his favorites and listed all the distinctive reasons why he love them.

What caught his attention were these posts: Amy Wells: Set Decorator For Mad MenInterior Design Of Mad Men and Don Draper's Furniture on "Mad Men".