Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get The Lead Out!

Did you know come April of 2010, it's going to be more expensive to remodel or repaint your home? The EPA has established new regulations with regards to the removal of lead paint which will affect homeowners with homes built anytime pre-1978.

Our home is near Grant High was built in 1929. From now on sanding or remodeling will have to adhere to new rules. An overview is available at Homesavvi in a January article titled Lead Paint. has TIPS FOR REMODELING AND FIX-UP that you will want to read before undertaking your next DIY project. Interior designers and contractors have been studying the new rules for some time.

Here are some tips that stand out for me:
  • The Oregon Lead-Based Paint Program certifies professionals who inspect homes for the presence of lead-based paint and others who can identify or remove lead paint hazards.
  • If you choose to hire someone to do the work, be sure you are dealing with someone who will use lead-safe work practices and who is registered with the Construction Contractors Board. Please see the list of certified companies to identify abatement professionals that test or work on individual residential properties.
  • DO NOT Power blast, dry scrape or dry sand because these practices create lead dust.
  • DO wear personal protective clothing and equipment, such as eye protection, rubber gloves, and a respirator.
This new law seems to be as stringent as the asbestos removal laws. Lead paint must be disclosed to potential buyers when selling your home.

I'm certain the painting contractor will charge me more to comply.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

ZoLi Products BPA Free

Oregon had a chance to protect our children by banning the use of bisphenol-A (BPA) in baby bottles and sippy cups, but the effort failed in the Oregon Senate. BPA is a a potential endocrine-disrupting chemical found in baby's utensils. The FDA said it had "some concern" about the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children.

BPA has been banned in Washington. The chemical is used in the lining of canned products, and banning the chemical, opponents said, would hurt Oregon food processors. They said the market has already responded to the use of BPA. 90 percent of the bottles and sippy cups offered in Oregon now BPA-free. Proponents said said the state should err on the side of caution when it comes to children.

I am glad to see that the market has responded to family concern over the use of BPA and thought you would be interested in these new products from ZoLi:

ZoLi is a California manufacturer whose products can be found in Portland at POSH Boutique in the Pearl

Hat tip to the new EcoBold website.

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Need Plumbing Supplies

Here's a blog I like: Need Plumbing Supplies. Not only does the site focus on the latest Moen kitchen and bathroom faucets, but offers great video advice on DIY projects. Frankly, Mike and I have just not been very good at fixing anything to do with plumbing.

We are the kind of people that find it easier to place a bucket under the sink in our basement than actually get in and repair the leak. We try to avoid Drano and Liquid Plumber for our drains on the advice of Sewer Rats, the people we call in Portland to fix the clogs. However, Need Plumbing Supplies has a nifty video that gives us confidence that we can be successful in this regard.

Here are some of the videos they offer for free:
That's what makes a good site. You walk away knowing more than you did before.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gladding McBean Pottery

Reprint from Home Accents Today's The Landfair Retail Focus:

Market Street building in San Francisco, using terra cotta trim.

Earlier this month I posted about Elements International. The Portland company decided to open their "To The Trade" showroom floor to the public prompting me to ask on Linkedin "To The Trade Only - Is That Still A Valid Business Model?" I received a large number of responses and invite you read them and add your own thoughts to the mix.

I asked Karen Ingalls about her store and top sellers. She pointed out Gladding McBean (GMB), maker of Architectural Garden Pottery. I had never heard of the company and nothing has ever been written about them at "Home Accents Today."

The company began over 125 years ago when pottery clay was discovered in Califorrnia. Initially, the clay was used for sewer pipe, but over the years GMB expanded its line to include fire brick, roof tile, chimney pipes and ornamental garden pottery. To this day it still provides the red tile for roofing at the prestigeous Stanford University.

Today GMB is an maker of architectural garden pottery. "Gladding has combined the old world craftsmanship with new technology such as laser scanning and sophisticated computer aided design to provide customers with infinite creative possibilities." Ingalls has singled two pieces for you readers of this blog:

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dialogue Consulting and Emily Dunn have put together a series of webinars geared to Interior designers that we're recommending. Dialogue Consulting has extensive experience developing business for interior designers. Emily Dunn has a degree as an interior designer and has combined that knowledge and experience with social networking. Beginning February 22nd the two will lead you through five weeks online that will teach you exactly how to help you to have your business flourish in 2010!

WEEK 1: NICHE/TARGET MARKETING: Why it is no longer helpful to be a generalist and how to find your niche so that you bring VALUE to your client.

WEEK 2: BRANDING: We will explain what your collateral says about you and how to have it more impactful for the best possible image.

Week 3: SOCIAL MEDIA – Blogging: The most overlooked and underutilized Social Media tool is Blogging. We will give you step by step techniques you can begin to apply immediately to build your brand and GET NOTICED by potential clients.

Week 4: PROMOTION: We will show you simple strategies that will will LEVERAGE your efforts and how to get your blog posts syndicated for MAXIMUM exposure to your target market.

Week 5: Open Q&A: where you can have total access to us and ask anything that will put the finishing touches on your brand new approach to attracting clients to your Interior Design Business.

We have never offered open access to our consulting services before, but because we am totally dedicated to helping people in OUR industry, we now want to offer this to you.

We are NOT going to take to to a cliff, give you a parachute (information) and throw you off and wish you good luck. WE WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW TO DO WHAT WE HAVE DONE TO GROW BUSINESSES! WE TAKE YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS, STEP-BY-STEP, TO GET YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE RIGHT WAY.
The investment in yourself and your business is $497.00 and includes these extras:

MP3 interview with LYNN LEE, SEO expert, author, consultant:

How to use Keywords for more effective online visibility ($57.00 value)

MP3 interview with TIM BUTT, owner of Black Bamboo, Architect

Most effective techniques of offline networking ($27.00 value)

PDF download from Deborah Flate, owner Dialogue Consulting

How to set your fees for profitability ($27.00 value)

Sign up now! One payment of ONLY $497.00

Sign up now! Two payments of ONLY $257.00

One more BONUS just added: We will be randomly selecting someone to set up their: Facebook, Blog, and LinkedIn profile.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

NUSA Furniture

My, My, My!!! Now this is furniture design!

NUSA Furniture gathered design and manufacturing talents from around the world. "For over 10 years Nusa has been dedicated to the highest standards of quality, durability and design excellence importing, distributing and manufacturing hand crafted artisanal furnishings. NUSA strives to serve the most discriminating clients for both residential and hospitality projects."

That part about serving "the most discriminating clients" probably means a high price point, but look at these designs:

Absolutely stunning!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New From Duralee Fabrics

Thomas Paul! Born and raised in New York City, he's worked for such designers as Bill Blass, Calvin Klein, and DKNY. He started his own business with the Thomaspaul pillow collection in 2001. Since then his line has steadily expanded to include tabletop, stationery, and lamp shades. His ultimate goal is to have products covering every aspect of the home, all with thomaspaul patterns gracing them.

following the success of his first print collection for Duralee, Thomas Paul expands his offerings of iconic patterns with Thomas Paul 2.
His progressive and intuitive design sensibility is highlighted with a movement from modern two-tone, large-scale motifs into refreshingly re-imagined traditional designs colored for a more transitional feel.

Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery is proud to carry both Duralee Fabrics and fine furniture.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Choosing Furniture Size

Here's something to check out! While searching for videos of World Market in Las Vegas, I came across Genevieve Tips and I thought this was good:

Choosing Furniture Size


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Monday, February 01, 2010

G/S Architects' Newsletter

We just received David Giulietti's newsletter. He's the principal at Giulietti / Schouten AIA Architects P.C. on NW Thurman. In the newsletter I noticed that his firm has been busy on the Keates / Siker residence. Marilyn Soljaga of Soljaga Design Group,, was the interior designer on the project.

I also read that Jennifer Conway is now married to Jeff Guggenheim and she has started Fig Studios Interior Design.

You can read the whole letter here.

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