Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get The Lead Out!

Did you know come April of 2010, it's going to be more expensive to remodel or repaint your home? The EPA has established new regulations with regards to the removal of lead paint which will affect homeowners with homes built anytime pre-1978.

Our home is near Grant High was built in 1929. From now on sanding or remodeling will have to adhere to new rules. An overview is available at Homesavvi in a January article titled Lead Paint. has TIPS FOR REMODELING AND FIX-UP that you will want to read before undertaking your next DIY project. Interior designers and contractors have been studying the new rules for some time.

Here are some tips that stand out for me:
  • The Oregon Lead-Based Paint Program certifies professionals who inspect homes for the presence of lead-based paint and others who can identify or remove lead paint hazards.
  • If you choose to hire someone to do the work, be sure you are dealing with someone who will use lead-safe work practices and who is registered with the Construction Contractors Board. Please see the list of certified companies to identify abatement professionals that test or work on individual residential properties.
  • DO NOT Power blast, dry scrape or dry sand because these practices create lead dust.
  • DO wear personal protective clothing and equipment, such as eye protection, rubber gloves, and a respirator.
This new law seems to be as stringent as the asbestos removal laws. Lead paint must be disclosed to potential buyers when selling your home.

I'm certain the painting contractor will charge me more to comply.

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