Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dialogue Consulting and Emily Dunn have put together a series of webinars geared to Interior designers that we're recommending. Dialogue Consulting has extensive experience developing business for interior designers. Emily Dunn has a degree as an interior designer and has combined that knowledge and experience with social networking. Beginning February 22nd the two will lead you through five weeks online that will teach you exactly how to help you to have your business flourish in 2010!

WEEK 1: NICHE/TARGET MARKETING: Why it is no longer helpful to be a generalist and how to find your niche so that you bring VALUE to your client.

WEEK 2: BRANDING: We will explain what your collateral says about you and how to have it more impactful for the best possible image.

Week 3: SOCIAL MEDIA – Blogging: The most overlooked and underutilized Social Media tool is Blogging. We will give you step by step techniques you can begin to apply immediately to build your brand and GET NOTICED by potential clients.

Week 4: PROMOTION: We will show you simple strategies that will will LEVERAGE your efforts and how to get your blog posts syndicated for MAXIMUM exposure to your target market.

Week 5: Open Q&A: where you can have total access to us and ask anything that will put the finishing touches on your brand new approach to attracting clients to your Interior Design Business.

We have never offered open access to our consulting services before, but because we am totally dedicated to helping people in OUR industry, we now want to offer this to you.

We are NOT going to take to to a cliff, give you a parachute (information) and throw you off and wish you good luck. WE WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW TO DO WHAT WE HAVE DONE TO GROW BUSINESSES! WE TAKE YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS, STEP-BY-STEP, TO GET YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE RIGHT WAY.
The investment in yourself and your business is $497.00 and includes these extras:

MP3 interview with LYNN LEE, SEO expert, author, consultant:

How to use Keywords for more effective online visibility ($57.00 value)

MP3 interview with TIM BUTT, owner of Black Bamboo, Architect

Most effective techniques of offline networking ($27.00 value)

PDF download from Deborah Flate, owner Dialogue Consulting

How to set your fees for profitability ($27.00 value)

Sign up now! One payment of ONLY $497.00

Sign up now! Two payments of ONLY $257.00

One more BONUS just added: We will be randomly selecting someone to set up their: Facebook, Blog, and LinkedIn profile.

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