Monday, February 13, 2012

New Paris Designs From Pummer Natural By Design

We have exciting information about the January international furniture show in Paris. Clause Pummer tells us that these are new designs that will be featured in his showroom and available for North American buyers.

Consumers will be looking for “Natural Luxury” seen as security and simplicity in one’s home and a slowing down to offset the fast and confusing world outside. The home becomes an oasis of peace and tranquility – a private mental spa.

“Natural Luxury” is seen as a harmony and balance of nature and complements this with a clear combination of colors and elegant materials. Stony shades of grey are accentuated by delicate and classy hues of coral and red, while a luminous red combined with classic black in wood and lacquer provide for the intended elegance.

Pictured here are some new designs that exemplify the “Natural Luxury.”

The Darius chair with its straightforward and classical silhouette fits in nicely with other designs and woods. Lacquered in stone grey or black, this stylish chair made of solid beech wood is brought out to its full beauty.

Timeless in design, extraordinary in the mix of materials and elaborate in production, the Stanley desk and tall sideboard perfectly reflect the “Natural Luxury” theme. European wild oak is combined with black linoleum and forged iron to make a practical and stylish line of furniture. With two deep drawers and a linoleum-covered writing surface the Stanley secretary desk is the deal workplace for your office at home. The two-door sideboard offers useful storage space in all living areas.

The teardrop-shaped lights of the Fadi series are uniquely pieced together with deep black soapstone and polished aluminum. Through a painstaking process holes are drilled nto the stone and then filed and polished. Traditional craftsmanship implemented with the modern design makes for an exciting mix, taking up the cross-cultural concept. Fadi creates a unique play of lights as an individual lamp or as a chandelier with five fixtures.

Inspired by nature, the spherical lampshades of the Colon lamp hang like a bunch of grapes from the ceiling and with six or twelve lampshades provide the right amount of light for living rooms. The Latifa pendant lamp with its calabash shape appears rather classic and timeless and reflects the light to provide a unique ambience through high-gloss nickel-plated lampshades.

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