Sunday, April 01, 2012

Have You Tried Salt & Straw?

Here's an ice cream store you MUST visit! It's named Salt & Straw, and the flavors may blow your mind.

Kim Malek is the owner and the shoppe has been open since August and here on a windy, cold day, the visitors through the front door didn't end.

I tried several kinds and settled on something conservative: one scoop of Banana with spicy monkey caramel and walnuts in a cup. It had a great taste of bananas and caramel with walnut chunks. The ice cream had a perfect melt. Then I went back for a taste of Pear and Bleu Cheese. It tasted just like pear ice cream with a slight bleu cheese aftertaste. Next I tried Sea Salt ice cream with caramel ribbon.  The sea salt enhanced the caramel and satisfied both yearnings for salt and sweet. Next time I will try Arbequina olive oil.

Bev tried Almond brittle with salted grenache ice cream.  She's hooked! As I said they've been open since August, but already it's Oprah's favorite ice cream and it's been featured in "The Wall Street Journal" and "The Washington Post" and featured on "Sunday Morning."
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