Thursday, April 19, 2012

He Was Hiding

Part 8

There he was dressed as a clown. Dead as all those buried in the Lone Fir cemetery. 

Rachel and I had gone next door at 6:00 to take care of Sam the 15-year old Spaniel for our neighbors spending the weekend at the beach.  We heard a door slam and running feet and went upstairs to investigate. The door off the second floor bedroom had mullions and no curtain.  We could see that a pane was broken and shards lay on the carpet.   

There was a copper smell in the air and we looked for the source.  Just coming out from under our neighbor’s bed was a red rivulet that on closer inspection was blood.  I got down on my knees and looked under the bed and recoiled when I saw the clown.  The clown had been shot right through his red clown nose.  I almost gagged over this bit of business.

“Call 911, Rachel”

“The clown has been dead about 2 hours,” said the ME.  “Looks like a .45, but I won’t know until I do the autopsy.  BTW, we did find a Blomus Stainless Steel business card case on our clown.  John Henry was his name. 

It appears our clown might have been hiding under the bed when he was shot.  I say that because he had a grift bag full of stainless items from around the house. In the bag was a stainless set of candle-stick holders and a Blomus stainless steel picture frame with a picture of your neighbor’s young, beautiful wife."

"Let’s talk with the husband!"

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