Monday, July 22, 2013

Home Libraries That Ignite the Imagination

Photo via Haleh Design.

Deisgned by Martin Kemp. Photo by Andrew Twort via Architectural Digest.
There exists home libraries of all styles, but one common denominator is that each one is certain to tell a unique story, as every bookshelf holds a one-of-a-kind collection by its owner(s).  Whether you have Shakespeare or Murakami residing on your shelves, or keep special display of mementos, a home library's contents can reflect a great deal about one’s identity and personal history.
Photo via tumblr.
Bookshelves allow the opportunity to display a variety of marvelous keepsakes, but many may not realize it's also a wonderful way to display artwork and other framed treasures as well.  The charming library above applies color to excellent purpose, which is further highlighted by plenty of natural light.  The lemonade-fresh sofa, bright pillows and accent rug make for a cozy retreat - a perfect setting for settling down with a favorite book.
Photo via Beautiful-Libraries.
Style a hand-carved wooden desk and vintage accent chair with historical artifacts and art to inspire learning and curiosity within your home library.  We can’t help but admire the floor-to-ceiling shelving, which is enough to make any bookworm’s heart skip a beat.
Photo via Home Ideas.
An executive desk and formal sitting area complete with an elegant loveseat, sets an ideal ambiance for casual meetings, should you also choose to utilize your library as a home office. Stunning glass-paneled bookcases are perfect for safely keeping coveted first editions.
Photo via Designing Rugs.
Placing a uniquely-patterned accent rug such as the one pictured above can create an inviting coziness within your library. Add a comely pedestal round dining table and a few graceful arm chairs to make a truly welcoming setting.  However, it's the art deco pendant lamp above it that steals the show here.  Who wouldn't want to read or write by the luminescent glow of that magnificent lamp?
We love this look so much (pedestal table within library), here are a few more examples to gaze upon:
Photo via tumblr.
 Designed by Alexa Hampton. Photo by Kim Sargent via Architectural Digest.
These curved built-in bookcases particularly compliment round tables, which lend a sense of infinite space as the eyes will never reach an ending.  The powder-blue curtains and tufted sofa enhance the room with a subtle pop of color.
There’s no denying we like pedestal tables. Here are a few:
Photo via Maitland-Smith.

Photo via Century Furniture.

Photo via Home Adore.

Photo via tumblr.
Home libraries will always endear to us, as they continue to endlessly fascinate, offering a unique assortment of books, magazines, journals and collections that pique curiosities and encourage learning.
No matter what you chose to display and keep in this special space, the main appeal of home libraries is that they are the only room in any home that guarantees adventures beyond its four walls - the stories contained within teach ideas of the past, concepts of the future, and infinite travel of the imagination.

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