Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tips on Styling a Large Living Room

 Photo via Digging Decor.

“When you arrange your living room furniture, think less of symmetry and more of comfort.” - Billy Baldwin (Interior Decorator)

When designing a living room area, many will immediately plan on placing a sofa, loveseat, coffee table and maybe a few arm chairs together.  However, if you have a larger living room area to furnish, and need some tips for how to utilize the extra space, we've got a few.

Photo via Michigan Design.

One thing that may be helpful to consider: symmetry in design is generally visually appealing to the eyes, however it is not necessarily the only method for pleasing the senses when it comes to interior design.  So we suggest forgetting that idea for a moment, and reflect on the possibilities within asymmetrical design.  This may mean going with one lamp table by the sofa, but adding an occasional table elsewhere in the room.  Or it could mean mixing different shapes and styles of accent chairs throughout the space.  This design approach is not only freeing, but adds a depth of character to your overall space, as you will undoubtedly have implemented more of your personality into your design.

Photo via Pinterest.

Photo via Architecture View.

As shown in the living areas above, asymmetrical layouts can appear just as visually arresting and pleasing as symmetrical design.

We are always inspired by beautiful interior designs which put comfort as a priority, especially within a living room.  Living rooms after all, are intended for living in, and your comfort level within your home plays a significant role in your overall well-being.  For this reason, a cozy, tufted occasional chair and ottoman placed next to the patio doors to enjoy a cool, summer breeze is, we believe, a most ingenious design choice.

 Photo via Tumblr.

Photo via Point NY.

With a larger living area to work with, extra seating is always welcome.  Perhaps you'd like 4-5 individual accent chairs, or prefer a large sectional or a mixture of sofas.  What you decide upon should chiefly depend on your lifestyle – formal or casual, or may you have little ones running around the home.  Whatever approach you decide, take into consideration how you would like to spend your time within that space, and work your design style around it.

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