Saturday, November 22, 2008

North Pearl Wonderland 11/29/08

Pearl Design Center
1627 NW 14th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
Enjoy Family festivities and holiday shopping at the North Pearl Wonderland Event! Activities include:
1. Winter Saturday Market: Fine artwork, jewelry, and gifts for sale.
2. Santa's Workshop: Take your photo with santa and do kid's crafts.
3. Cocoa Cottage: Hot chocloate sampler station and topping bar.
4. Gingerbread House: Cookie and gingerbread house decorating.
5. Rudolf's Gift Wrap Lodge: Wrapping for all your holiday gifts.
6. Candy Cane Cafe: Dine in the North Pearl Wonderland.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Indoor/outdoor Furniture In New Material

In February of 200, when we were preparing our new location in the Pearl in Portland, I wrote
There can be disagreement about global warming and its causes, but there is no denying the Green Movement. Our bookkeeper, Helen Pilgrim, sends us a note about Slatescape, EcoCem and Paper Stone (for) Counter tops. She says she first heard about it in the Oregonian Home & Gardens section. "I don't know how this compares to granite, but it looks great."
We fell in love with PaperStone and used the chocolate color as the reception and work counter top in the showroom front area. It's warm and satiny smooth to the touch. When we first saw the material, it was only available in slabs of several thicknesses.

Now, thanks to Material Process Systems, there is indoor/outdoor furniture available in material similar to paperstone with the same outstanding features. Take a look:

The company writes
The material is waterproof so it does very well outside. Over time, it acquires a natural patina, but the integrity of the material is never compromised. Variations of this material have actually been used for decades in the marine industry and in the manufacturing of skate ramps -- that's how durable it is.

If you have questions write:

Niina Pollari
Material Process Systems, Inc.

Bev & Mike
Landfair Futniture + Design Gallery

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

$22,000 Picnic Basket

Some think the economy is bad. Maybe it is, but just maybe IT'S OVER for conspicuous consumption.

Several months ago the New York Observer wrote about Margaret Russell, Elle Décor’s editor-in-chief, who ran a story about a picnic basket that sold for $22,000!

In contrast The Sale Rack went to the Strasburg Antique Market in Strasburg, PA, where Natasha bought an all-inclusive picnic basket for $25.

Did some of us just go bonkers for awhile? I think so. Its akin to an investor switching from go-go growth stocks to book value and dividend paying stocks.

Bev & Mike
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tomaz Erzetic of Slovenia

Click to enlarge.

Tomaz Erzetic of Slovenia has just sent me pictures of the most unusual piece of furniture I've ever seen.

Click to enlarge.

Erzetic is a young designer and has this description of his work:
Based on an elaborate concept and a carefully planned study this unique artistic creation is a perfect combination of functionality, and the art of painting, sculpturing and design.

New, revolutionary design of unique pieces of furniture does not only pervade the space, filling it up with a soul of its own, but also creates a charismatic essence of the object of art itself. This piece is the fruit of work of two promising young artists; Klemen Benedik, painter and designer, and Tomaž Erzetič, sculptor and designer.

Elaborately planed furniture design and a tender, refined painting are the artistic soul and an added value of this unique piece of furniture, which moves one's heart by its very existence, suggesting and narrating its story.
Erzetic writes the piece is 3.8m in length, 2.15m in height, 1m max in depth.

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jennifer Adams Has Made A Name For Herself

Jennifer Adams of Jennifer Adams/Design Group has been very active sharing her ideas and information on TV. Recently she completed a special titled Area Rugs: Commitment phobic? Where do you even begin?.
With the help of my favorite area rug distributor, Tufenkians, of Portland, Oregon, I recently filmed a segment for BETTER, with Brooke Carlson, in the home of News Anchor Natalie Marmion. We discussed the do's and don'ts and where to begin when trying to find the best area rug.
In the piece she offers these tips for selecting area rugs:
- Rugs change color based on which direction you lay them. If it looks too light, try turning it the other direction and watch how the colors in the rug completely change!

- When selecting size for the living room, a good rule of thumb is to have all of the furniture on the rug or off the rug. Obviously the coffee table can stay on the rug, but it's best not to have any of your chairs or sofas halfway on and halfway off the rug.

- When selecting size for the dining room make sure you have a minimum of 2' behind each dining chair on all sides. No teetering chairs at the dinner table allowed!

- Always try out the rug in your home prior to committing to the piece. Tufenkians will deliver your rugs, help you place them and then bring back the pieces you dont want.

It's exciting to see the various ways designers market themselves.

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery

Take A Look At Maramiki

Hat tip to decorology for bringing Maramiki to our attention. Maramiki is the creation of Mara Snipes, a designer and textile artist based in Chicago, who also sells screenprinted fabric by the yard..

"The drawings that Maramiki screenprints on to pillowcases, tea towels, and placemats are wonderfully imaginative and organic, and the fabric really lends itself to the natural aesthetic of the art."

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dan Carithers: Getting Specific

Back in April we wrote about Dan Carithers. He has a his own furniture line at Sherrill. We thought it might be interesting to take a look at specific examples of his collection. Remember, Carithers' use of button-tufted pieces gives the home an instant dose of comfort and glamour.

Dan Carithers Collection
H 36 W 81 D 23 in.
Arm Height: 33 in.
Overall Depth: 38 in.
Approx. Seat Height: 19 in.
Standard with 2 Throw Pillows

This sofa is 100 inches long and many want the extra length in a room.

Dan Carithers Collection
H 34 W 100 D 24 in.
Arm Height: 23 in.
Overall Depth: 42 in.
Approx. Seat Height: 18 in.

Dan Carithers Collection
H 36 W 41 D 54 in.
Arm Height: 24 in.
Overall Depth: 73 in.
Approx Seat Height: 17 in.

You can see more of his collection at Sherrill Dan Carithers' Collection.

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jenny Heinzen York on Cosumer Buying Habits

Here's Mike's editor at Home Accents Today, Jenny Heinzen York in an interview about consumer buying habits based on a study of HGTV consumers:

Hat tip to SuperWAHM.

What Style Are You?

My Home Redux is great blog with all sorts of tips for saving money to decorating rooms in your home. Recently, in Decorating Styles Defined, Julie Lohmeier helps us determine our furniture style with this fun little quiz from HGTV. Click through and learn about each one as well as see photos illustrating the styles.

Check them out here.

Bev & Mike
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Your Chance To Earn A Tax-Free Income

Are you an Interior Designer with a desire to work in the Middle east?
Our client wishes to recruit a number of experienced talented INTERIOR DESIGNERS. They need degree qualified interior professionals who have over 5 years experience.
Some places are humming!

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bridget Otto Thursday

We haven't had a Bridget Otto Thursday for a while, so I was struck by some of our friends mentioned today in one of her articles. In The Oregonian's HGNW, Using EXTREMES Requires BALANCE, the premise is that "tough economic times will push home decor to extremes."

Amanda Klash of Montogomery Klash Interior Design says "...we may see many opposites, but there needs to be a plan."

Jaime Stephens, executive director of Color Marketing Group, says:
"We are drawn to old-culture decor -- a Tuscan farmhouse kitchen -- but we want state-of-the-art appliances in that kitchen."
Celeste LeDuke of Portland's Designing Women, says pairing a rough or reclaimed wood floor with sleek appliances will work, but "you don't want it to look like a tool shed."

Sue Augustyn, the owner of SAID/Sue Augustyn Interior Design has been pairing high gloss with faded western artifacts for years.
All (the) designers warned against just bringing some sort of extreme look into a room.
Maybe, all three saying the juxtaposition of different styles is okay, it's fun to be edgy, but find a balance and moderation.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Genoa: Say it's Not So

Genoa is closing after 38 years. Billed as the premier restaurant in Portland, known widely for its regional Italian cooking and meticulous service, it just became available on Passport, but now is closing on November 22nd.

(Owner Kerry) DeBuse says he spent tens of thousands of dollars upgrading the old-fashioned dining room in June. Business had been slow since early summer, he says, "but it all changed 180 degrees within a week of the recent (Wall Street) crash."When the problems went global, the bottom fell out.

I've dined there possibly twice or more and have never been disappointed. Due to the upper end pricing, you didn't go all the time, but it was the place for a special occasion.

Bev & Mike
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Armoire Is Dead

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reperts from High Point that the Armoire is dead. It is as old-fashioned as the telephone table.
...armoires were originally designed as gun cabinets. That is where they get their name. Later, when the French changed the tax code and began taxing the number of rooms, the aristocracy knocked down closet walls and replaced them with armoires or wardrobes.
Recently, meaning a five years ago, people bought armoires to hide the TV. Now, 42 to 50 inch flat screen TVs are considered status symbols, so there is a desire to show it off. Now we have media units or entertainment centers.

The latest solution is the low- to medium-height console, which is not necessarily dedicated to the flat-screen television.

"A console or buffet is a great way to anchor the flat screen, as well as a place for storage.

At Landfair Furniture, we see media centers of all styles from low credenza types to taller dresser type designs and from various vendors like Stanley, Dinec, BermanFALK, and Hammary. Come take a look at the styles on the floor and in catalogs, where you can select from many finsihes.

Bev & Mike
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High Point Observations

Since we went to Las Vegas Market at the end of July, we did not go to High Point, however here's what some are saying about trends at this fall's show.

Jean Greeson of Greeson and Fast Design wrote
As we saw in the spring, there were a lot of eco-friendly and natural materials, and on the other side of the fashion spectrum, a lot of glitz and glamour. Metallic colors and textures were featured in fabrics, rugs and even ceramics, and rich linens and velvets were employed in upholstery and drapery

Richard Fast of Greeson and Fast design noticed
an evolution in surface textures — a couple of years ago shiny black lacquer was popular, then it was replaced with shiny white lacquer, and this time there were some antique French reproductions finished in flat white. It gave them a contemporary look.
As for colors Greeson still saw blush pinks and earth tones, blacks and whites.
I should say “charcoal and white,” because charcoal seems to be the new black.
The Rocky Mountain News reports that Small is the new black.

Remember the McMansions, now we are seeing baby boomers and tight-fisted consumers down size to smaller homes, condos, apartments and flats. Oversized furniture is out. Now we are seeing smaller arms on sofas. Customers are asking for tables where the leaves are hidden. Storage in condos is at a premium. They also want furniture pieces to "do tricks", meaning be a coffee table and a dining table or at least have multiple functions.
Furniture manufacturers are responding to downsizing baby boomers and the growing appeal of urban living by reducing the scale of dressers, coffee tables, nightstands and the like. They're compressing home offices into a single fold-out cabinet. And they're cutting back the length of sofas and entertainment centers that sprawled across the length of wall in McMansions.

If you were at High Point, do you have some other observations?

Bev & Mike
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