Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring 2013 Look Book Is Out!

Bernhardt Interiors reaches for an ideal – taking the idea of beauty in art to the pursuit of furniture making. Inspired by that artistic passion, this eclectic collection of items features fine craftsmanship, unique materials, a distinctly modern styling and its thoughtful details allow for an effortless sophistication.

The new Spring 2013 Look Book is now online and it's gorgeous! And...check out new introductions.

Vivid Drawings = Expressive Accent Furniture

Trend: Classic Strong Lines
April 20, 2013

Today, Bernhardt introduces a broad range of finely drawn accent pieces which serve to give a new look of refinement and proportion to the home.

"The essence of design is the line," says Ron Fiore, Bernhardt creative director. "The most important piece in your room is going to be one with a strong outline or silhouette. It announces you as confident, and refreshes the things you already have."

This Spring's fashion runways provide a glimpse into how many people will be dressing their homes – using innovative classic shapes with sharp lines.

Sofa, Couch or What?

S.J.D., of Belleville posed this question to The Answer Man:
Q. Why do we have two very different names for a couch/sofa? When you look on craigslist, they are used interchangeably. Is there a difference?

Interesting article about the history of the name!

I have some further input on the question. My husband used to call the sofa a couch or davano until I corrected him Now he's pretty good at just using sofa for the multiple seat thing in the den or living room, usually taken by the dog.

Read more here:

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bridfget A. Otto Saturday

House and Gardens arrived this morning with The Oregonian and friends of ours were almost everywhere.

In one we meet Audrey Theis' who moved from a condo in Sellwood to Raleigh Hills. Bridget Otto writes that Theis "...loved the traditional layout of the house and knew she could plant a vegetable garden, turn one bedroom into an office, and have the space she so desired to accommodate her extended family."

She chose for guidance Gilyn McKelligon of Gilyn McKelligon Interiors, 503-297-5659, whose office is in the area for interior design guidance and Carol Director of Scott Director's Custom Upholstery & Accents, 503-292-9411.

In the second article, also written by Bridget Otto, we get another look at "What you need to know about selecting, working with an interior designer."This article features interior designers Susan Grady of  and Terrance Mason, of Both Grady and Mason are well-qualified and on the Board of Directors of NW society of Interior Designers (NWSID). Terrance Mason is the current president of NWSID.

The information is excellent and hiring a professional can save you money and avoid mistakes.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Perfect For The Beach House???

 I Love Tufted Furniture shows this design by Carlo Rampazzi and handmade in Italy.

This whimsical bergere chair upholstered in button tufted sea foam green silk and encrusted in seashells with silver leaf front legs is only a smidge over $27,000.00!

I'll take two! :)

Top Remodeling Trends

The Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan tells us that:
“TV interior design shows are mostly about buying and remodeling a home, versus building from scratch or finding a new property that precisely fits a wish list with plenty of personal requirements,” says Dani Kohl, program coordinator for the bachelor of science in interior design program at The Art Institute of Indianapolis and a practicing architect and interior designer.
What are the top trends in remodeling? Kohl says,
  1. Uniting the kitchen and living space for an open-floor concept
  2. Culture dictating an increase square footage for entertainment, haven from a busy work schedule or modern luxuries
  3. Finding multi-functional uses for both spaces and furniture
In other words it's open plan, master bedrooms that may be havens from the world, and closets that function also as dressing area.

For our house our priorities are installing a drainage system around house in order to enjoy a dry basement, remodel main floor bathroom (tub or no tub), replace ground floor deck with cement tiles, and install irrigation system. Kitchens and bathroom redo are always at the top of the list, so we fit with the trend.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rethink the Sink: New Ways of Turning Old Pieces into Bathroom Prizes

The bathroom is a place dedicated to freshening up, so it seems a fitting space to introduce "freshened up" décor. Breathing new life into antique furniture and retro accessories allows you to create custom bathroom components for a one-of-a-kind design that's awash with personality.

It can be as simple as rethinking an item's intended function or as in-depth as revamping a piece's finished form. Below, I'll shower you with ideas on transforming case goods and other furnishings into vintage-inspired vanities, repurposing windows into wall-hangings, and using cast-offs for corner shelves.

Vintage-Inspired Vanities
Old-fashioned case goods such as buffets, sideboards, desks, and dressers make ideal vanities, as their doors and drawers hide plumbing and provide toiletry and towel storage. Some are even wide enough to accommodate two sinks.

An open concept furniture item such as a farm, side, or sewing table can also be transformed into a bathroom vanity with a large basket tucked below to serve as a hamper or towel bin -- note that a deep apron front is ideal for concealing plumbing. Have a shorter piece? No problem. Rather than a drop-in, turn to a vessel sink for added height.

To convert your case:
  1. Determine where the sink will be placed. (Consider shifting it to one side to allow a broader expanse of counter space on the other.)
  2. Trace the outline of the sink onto the top, taking care to allow space for the faucet if you plan to mount that separately. (Most new sinks come with a template.) You will also need to draw the placement of the existing plumbing on the rear of the cabinet.
  3. Cut out holes for the sink and pipes using a drill and a jigsaw.
  4. Refinish the piece, if desired, using enamel spray paint or a coat of polyurethane. For a more traditional bathroom feel, you may opt to have a stone top cut to fit.
  5. Mount the sink using silicone caulk, and the faucet hardware with plumber's putty.
  6. Secure the vanity to the wall studs using screws. You may have to either remove or shorten the upper drawers to allow space for plumbing. If removed, preserve the drawer faces so they can be affixed to the cabinet front.
  7. Hook up drain and water lines, or contact a plumber if you don't feel comfortable with this step.
Antique Reflections
Almost any flat flea market find can hold a mirror. I've seen creative DIYers convert everything from reclaimed ceiling tiles to antique silver trays to old horse harnesses into charming custom mirror frames. For an eclectic feel, pair mismatched mirrors side-by-side over a double vanity. (Install recessed bathroom cabinets behind the mirrors to gain additional functionality.) More of a collector? Hanging a grouping of hand mirrors upside down on a wall summons a bit of romantic whimsy.

Salvaged window frames are fairly common at junk shops and thrift stores and can be transformed into mirrors in just a few basic steps:
  1. Remove the panes by slicing through the putty with a razor blade, and pry out any glazier's points (small metal fasteners).
  2. Measure each opening carefully and have mirrors cut to fit.
  3. Lay the frame face down, arrange the mirrors face down in each opening, and back them with cardboard.
  4. Reinstall the glazier's points behind the cardboard.
  5. Add hanging hardware along the upper edge, and place felt pads in the bottom corners to protect walls.
  6. Anchor the mirror securely in a stud.
New Old-Fashioned Storage
Bathroom furniture and accessories with a bit of history provide character in an often-sterile space. And most need little, if any, amending. Wicker window box baskets or galvanized metal tubs can be hung one above the other using wall hooks for tiered toiletry organization. A vintage plant stand or stacked wine crates make great small-space shelving when tucked into a corner or otherwise tight spot. Or turn an old wooden ladder into a towel rack. (I recommend snapping plastic shower rod covers cut to length over the rungs to prevent soggy towels from softening the wood.) Have an old shutter? Use it to replace an ordinary medicine cabinet door.

 The aforementioned case goods also work well as storage units. A child-size armoire, for instance, is an ideal size for a guest bathroom and provides cabinets and drawers for stowing linens, toiletries, and extra TP. If the piece features double doors, contemplate removing one of them to reveal exposed shelving for displaying towels, candles, and other decorative accessories. Hide unsightly sundries behind the remaining door. For some flair, paint the interior a contrasting color or update solid wood cabinet doors with mirror or glass inserts.

Do these ideas inspire you to use made-over pieces in a bathroom makeover?

A Home Depot sales associate in the Chicago suburbs, Jay Harris provides bathroom decors tips to homeowners for products ranging from vanities and bathroom faucets to sinks and medicine cabinets.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How Do You See Yourself?

FREE "How to Design Your Perfect Interior" By Gail Doby

Have you had a chance to check out Gail Doby's "How to Design Your Perfect Interior" Kindle book on Amazon? Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle App on any smart phone, laptop or tablet computer and start reading immediately. 
You can get the book, that Design Success University co-founder Gail Doby wrote for ASID, absolutely FR*EE - thanks to the Kindle Select program. The ZERO price is through Friday, April 19th at midnight Pacific.

If you want to download your complimentary copy of this information-packed, 200-page book NOW, go here:

ASID asked Gail to write the 200-page "How to Design Your Perfect Interior" full information, options, direction, and decision-making tools to educate consumers about your value as an interior designer and why they should hire you. Not all consumers are ideal clients for you, and this book sorts your ideal clients from the Do-It-Yourself time wasters that won't hire you anyway.

When consumers read the book, they will discover ...

  • The most common and costly mistakes to avoid
  • What to watch for when buying online
  • Questions they must answer before making any design decisions
  • When the job needs the help of a professional
  • How to select the best designer for their project
  • How to establish a budget for their project
  • How designers charge
  • And so much more!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Design Trends: Beautifully Distressed Furniture

There's no question that distressed wood furniture has found the way into the hearts of interior design enthusiasts.  This laid-back, unfinished look of purposeful imperfection lends a rustic charm to wooden furniture.  This instantly gives a refreshingly relaxed and comforting ambiance to any room in the house.

This well sought-after design element on high end furniture conveys a subtle elegance that evokes a quiet admiration.  Many prefer the appearance of distressed finishes for its unique style and more casual character.  Purposeful indentations, rubbed-off paint, and softly weathered finishes are just a few distress elements to create that well-worn, loved and antiqued appearance.

The Hatfield Living Room set pictured here bears a softly distressed Alabaster finish with delicate wood carvings throughout.  The light wood finish adds a serene atmosphere to this set, while soft shades of taupe and cream on accent pillows and cushioning add a touch of cozy charm.

These simple yet refined details combine to generate an aesthetic that will have you feeling like you've just wandered into a charming cottage in the English countryside.

There are many styles to choose from within distressed-style furniture that it may be a challenge to choose which piece to go with.  From modern to traditional, look to renowned quality in brands such as Marge Carson and Restoration Hardware.  Whatever style you go with, distressed finishes provide a quiet charm that will create an air of imperfect beauty.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blogging In The Recovering Market

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm surfing the "Other Resources and Blogroll" and I'm discovering that while many of you have blogs, there's a significant percentage that are not actively posting. You did a great thing for your marketing effort by starting a blog. Don't let down now that business seems to be picking up.

I was listening to Kyle Bass, investment manager for Hayman Capital, yesterday. He believes the housing market has bottomed. It may not roar like it did four years ago, but at least it's stopped going down. In many cities, prices of homes are going up, and in Portland there's a shortage of rental units.

Many of you can imitate Jason Ball of Jason Ball Interiors. He is always finding something to write about and his before and afters are stunning.

So, next time I run through our blogroll, let me see that you've posted something about your business. Surely, you have information acquired from all your experience to share. BTW, one other way to get traffic to your website, is to link to Landfair on Furniture. We get over 18,000 visits per month to our blog.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Feast For Your Wintered Eyes!

I've been checking in with the "Other Resources and Blogroll" page, clicking on Filing Spaces owned by Deepali Kalia. Her pages are filled with colorful fabrics and pillows that contrast with the gray, northwest winters.

Deepali has a post about Woodblock Printing Woodblock printing is one of the oldest methods of textile printing dating back to 300 BC.

Her website carries a picture of her new digs on 9th and Lovejoy and her counter that came from our Landfair Furniture location.

The Guggenheims

Very nice focus in About Face on a couple in the in the Interior Design business, She's Jenny Guggenheim, owner of interior design studio, Fig. He's Jeff Guggenheim, an architect, and they've joined forces in the same office working on joint projects.

Here's the couple in Barcelona.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Bernhardt Interiors - Gorgeous Chaises and Settees

While perusing interior designer Faith Sheridan's blog, I came across her post "Sit Back & Relax – Gorgeous Chaises and Settees." Sheridan writes
Is there anything more elegant than the chaise longue? Even the name evokes images of ancient Egyptian pharoahs being fanned and fed grapes! As a matter of fact, it is believed that the chaise longue (or long chair) originated in ancient Egypt as a combination daybed and chair.
Her post led me to look at our offerings from Bernhardt Interiors. The reason we are showing these items is that they relate to the items of Faith Sheridan's examples.

Marcourt Banquette:

Holden Banquette

Holden Armless Loveseat 

Gramercy Left (and Right) Arm Chaise:

Kelsey Sectional:

This style has been a popular because it has been so easy to use in a variety of interior styles.  This four-piece sectional which can be purchased in its entirety or by the component. The chaise can be left or right handed. Please contact me for help with your project.

Bernhardt Interiors Chairs:
Axel Chair  



 Markham Chair  

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Listen To Two Professionals And How They Work With A Client

That's Larry Mock and Deb Seeley

The Professional Remodelers Organization's Tour of Remodeled Homes returns each March featuring top remodeling professionals in the Portland Oregon area. Types of remodels highlighted include kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, whole house remodels and additions

Do Designers Make a Difference?

Even though it's three years old, this take on Do Designers Make a Difference? is even more relevant in todays economy.  
The right designer knows where to find the right products that  reflect your personal taste, that are compatible with your home, and with each other. The designer can help you fit each product into your budget priorities.   How many mistakes can you afford to make?
Diane Plesset gives advice on two key areas:
  • What a Professional Designer Should Do

  • Questions and Fees

Remember, it’s your home, your project, your goals, and your money.

Brass Is Back

So says Ruth Chancellor of Chancellor Designs, a full service home staging and redesign company.
 Because just as the case with most things that “come back”, the new brass is not the same as the old, shiny, yellow brass we all grew to hate.  It has rich bronze undertones and more of a aged, rubbed metallic finish to it.
I love the brass book case or etagere in the Greek motif:

34 Elements To Get A Contemporary Look

Brooke Johnson of Brooke Johnson Interiors blogs about 34 elements "...which can be used around a home to get the right contemporary look." They range from Rugs and carpets, Wicker furniture, Indoor plants, Leather couches and Fruit baskets (for centre tables) to Flower arrangement décor with artificial silken flowers.

She concludes with this advice:
The placement and arrangement of these accessories in the right place and in the right manner is important so that it’s in sync with the color and décor surroundings and they service the purpose for which they are made in an effortless manner. 
Lori Brock has some great advice for Portlanders to shake off the depressing grays of winter in our great city: 
Refresh the love you have for your home!   Spring is a great time to give your home a new look.  Trade in the deeper hues of Winter for the vibrant, breezy shades of Spring. 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Three 2013 Design Trends

Colors such as Tangerine and Purple and design aspects such as using natural items and and adding more lighting were key last year as was spending more time in outdoor spaces. Design trends have drastically changed since the end of 2012 and it is only April! New colors are now popular as are other design trends that haven't been seen in a while.

1. Emerald
According to Pantone this year's color is emerald. Its not only extremely bright and a color to liven up the home but it is also a color of beauty.


2. Texture
Texture is big this year as people move from seeing furniture pieces as simply furniture and look to more comfortable furniture that they can feel and touch. Texture adds warmth and is a way to engage with the home. Wood and suede should be popular.


3. More Manly Decor
Gone are the days when women were in charge of every aspect of designing and accessorizing the home. What man wants to live in a home that has no evidence of his existence. This is the year when the men get up and play a bigger role in the home. By either having a more masculine bedroom or a man cave the men in your lives can now express themselves more through design.


There are also many more design trends that are sure to be big the rest of the year but these three are the most popular as of right now.

Article written by . She is an interior design enthusiast and freelance writer for

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Helpful Tips on Buying the Perfect Sofa

When in the market to buy a new sofa, the endless options available to us can be overwhelming.  Whether you're looking for a high-end sofa with traditional design, or a more modern or contemporary piece, you'll have a better chance at successfully finding the right sofa with just a bit of planning prior to your search.  With various factors to consider, we wanted to offer a few tips to make the decision-making process smoother.  Ideally, you’d first want to consider your personal needs, and how you'd like your new sofa to match your home and lifestyle.

Frame Construction
A sofa's frame provides the foundation and should be one of the first factors to consider when buying a sofa.  A high quality sofa should sit squarely on the floor without any wobbling or creaking.  This indicates that joints are sturdy and will last a long time.  You'll also want to ensure that the wood used is of the highest quality and if possible, opt for furniture constructed with kiln-dried wood to prevent undue warping and expanding over time due to moisture or changes in climate.

Cushion Style

As with any cushioning, ensure that it is firm yet pliable, and regains its shape after pressing down upon it and let go.  Down-filled cushions are optimal, though are generally more expensive.  Down-filled cushioning is comfortable to sit on as they conform to one’s body, however, they may need to be fluffed up and turned occasionally to maintain their form and shape.

Also, check that a back sofa's cushion has no hard spots and sofa-bed cushions all fit snugly in place.  For optimal comfort, choose a seat with depth depending upon your height.  The taller a person is, the more seat depth would be needed.

Sofa Arm Style

There are several styles of sofa arms from which to choose, such as curved, traditional rolled, straight, or even armless sofas.  Whichever your preference, check to see that the sofa arms are properly joined to the sofa frame and are well-padded.

Another point to consider is the type of fabric to look for on sofas.  From the cushion of the sofa bed to the accent and support pillows, you'll want to have the highest quality in textiles and upholstery.  The materials and cloths used should be carefully considered according to your lifestyle.  For instance, if small kids will be around your sofa, you may wish to avoid smaller designer pieces such as beads or sequins.  Knowing these details beforehand can help prevent any potential issues later on.

Sofa Body
From sofa-beds to sectionals, there are as many sofa body styles as there are types of fabric.  Take some time to browse different styles to get a better feel for what size, shape and style you need.

Savannah Collections' Santa Barbara Sectional Sofa above provides ample space for a relaxing retreat, with generous support and accent pillows for a cozy yet luxurious setting.

If a leather sofa is what you’re seeking, the Henredon Leather Sofa shown above defines elegant comfort with its tufted leather cushioning, gracefully rolled arm rests, and nail-head accents.

The Perfect Sofa
We hope that these tips and ideas will provide a solid basis for your search in finding the perfect sofa.  Since your sofa will stay with you for a significant period of your life, you'll inevitably want to ensure you can enjoy your investment for a long time.

Marge Carsone


Century Furniture