Sunday, February 22, 2015

Easy Tips to Decorate Apartments

by Amelie William 

Other than noisy neighbors and almost zero outdoor space, you are dealing with relatively tight indoor space when you opt to live in an apartment. Inspite of crammed living spaces, you can create a pleasing space with a few practical tips. 

1.     Transform With Drapes

When used in the right way, drapes can transform the size of your room. Even if your windows are small, consider using long drapes to create an illusion of spaciousness. Using extended drapes for smaller windows will only give the window an airy feeling.

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2.     Accentuate With Mirrors
Mirrors work wonders in a small space since mirrors reflect light when placed in a well-lit room. Consider adding glamorous mirrors in your living room and bedroom to make it look airy and spacious.  Mirrors when placed near a room window can reflect an abundance of natural light into your home.

3.     Invest In Lighting
Other than the ceiling light fixtures that come with your apartment, consider these extra lightings;

1.       Lamps to use on side tables, side tables and nightstands.
2.       Pendant lights on dining tables
3.       Floor lamps to illuminate the dark corners of your home.
4.       Plug-in wall sconces for hallways, living rooms and bedrooms.
5.       Cabinet and under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the dark areas of your kitchen.

4.     Alter With Rugs
Runners, area rugs, rectangular rugs, oval rugs and round rugs; divulge a great deal of charisma by adding rugs to your home. Since rugs suit every nook and corner of your home, you would love to check out beautiful hand-woven rugs. When you buy straight from the manufacturer, you are sure to find the best collection of genuine wholesale rugs; to suit your home and taste.

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5.    Use Lightweight Furniture
Colorful garden stools and garden coffee tables are not just for outdoors. Add colour and interest by adding lightweight garden furniture to your apartment. These kinds of furniture are not only trendy, but they are easy to carry and move around the house when compared to massive furniture.
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6.     Change What You Can
What if you did not get a chance to choose the massive articles of your apartment? You can always change minute aspects to make an enormous impact;

  1. Change bathroom fixtures like showerheads, faucets and toilet seats.
  2. Give your kitchen a makeover with a trendy backsplash and by replacing cabinet handles.
  3. Consider changing the look of your bathroom & kitchen tiles by using tile tattoos of your choice.
  4. When you cannot paint your walls, paint inexpensive furniture white or a surprising colour. 
  5. Give your sink a new look by covering clumsy plumbing work with an elegant screen.

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7.     Create A Statement Wall
Adorning walls is a convenient option to decorate your space. An accent wall can serve as a perfect decorative focal point. From removable wall decals and paintings to wallpapers, there are various ways to create a statement wall without harming your rental agreement.

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8.     Personalize Your Space
Rented or leased, your apartment is a place in which you are going to live for quite some time. So why not personalize your space? Personalizing your space could involve adding any detail that belongs to your;
1.       Framed or bannered, consider setting-up a family pictures gallery on your wall.
2.       Create layers by adding two or more fabrics on your floor and furniture.
3.       Flaunt your green thumb by opting for indoor plants.
4.       Use vertical or floating racks to put-up your collection for a display.
5.       Show-off your DIY skills by displaying your handicrafts.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Talk About the Kitchen Countertop Design

By Anna Aamone

The perfect kitchen should look good but it should be also easy to clean and big enough for you to feel comfortable. The countertop is an important element in the design of this room of your home and also essential one, especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning. You need to have enough space to place some of your appliances and different kitchen supplies, as well as designate a certain area which will be big enough for cooking. Keep in mind that the insufficient space will turn the cooking into a tedious task and will also make you feel very uncomfortable in the room. This is the part of your kitchen which you will have to clean every day, so before you choose a certain design for your countertop, make sure that you will be able to wipe it and maintain it always perfectly clean.

There are a lot of things that could influence your opinion when choosing a particular countertop design. In order to pick just the right model for your kitchen, you have to consider some specific elements and more importantly make sure that the design of your countertop is suitable for your kitchen. When we talk about this specific part of the room in which you will spend a lot of time every day, we have to mention some of the main rules which is good to follow when picking a specific design. Whether you are renovating the old countertop in your kitchen or installing one for the first time, here are some tips you can use: 
  • Look at the counter space as most valuable – Undoubtedly, you will use the countertop in your kitchen more than any other part of the room. Therefore, you have to be sure that it will be big enough for cooking but also not too big, so that it takes up all the space in your kitchen. Even if you like a specific model, you have to be certain that it will fit into the current design of your kitchen. It also has to be made of good material that will be easy to maintain. You can consult with professionals on the matter.
  • Consider different styles – There are a lot of options out there and it will certainly take a lot of time to research each one of them before you pick a certain countertop design. That's why it's better to focus on the most popular styles which will definitely make your kitchen look good. You can try a classic countertop which looks great in any kind of room. An elegant marble style or an eco-friendly model will be certainly good choices. Like we've already mentioned, you have many options but don't forget to make a research first.
  • Focus on the materials – When it comes to the material, you have to be sure that you will pick a solid countertop that you will be able to use for many years. The granite and marble are the absolute favourite materials which most people prefer. If you pick them for your countertop, you can be sure that it will be a good investment. The stainless steel is another great option because it is very easy to clean and it is resistant to the heat. If you like stone but you can't afford a granite countertop, you can pick the engineered quartz model which not only offers a variety of colours but it is also more affordable.
When you finally choose the perfect countertop style for your kitchen and you install it, you have to remember that regular cleaning and proper maintenance will preserve its good looks far longer, Shiny London Southfields remind. Also, try to keep the space always organised. This way you won't have to lose time looking for the thing you need and you will have more free space when you cook.

Monday, February 09, 2015

The Best Interior for You

by Brian Wilson

            When taking on DIY and home improvement projects, you may expect the labor of constructing and installing your renovations to be the most difficult part of the job. However, any seasoned home improvement guru will most likely tell you that it’s not so much the effort of a project that creates the challenge—fully realizing your vision for a room or space is going to come down almost entirely to critical thinking and creative experimentation. Believe it or not, hammering the nails will be the easy part!

Perfecting the Look
                When selecting an interior, you may feel that you’re not entirely sure where to start. Beginners will feel tempted to look over or review a variety of interior models and archetypes and attempt to emulate the one they like the best. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—going off of examples of strong interiors can be a great way to begin forming an idea of how you’d like your own ideal interior to look.
However, you may discover throughout your renovation process that realizing your own artistic vision holds vastly more potential than attempting to create a second-rate version of someone else’s. The model interior featured in your favorite home décor magazine may look pristine and other-worldly, but it’s important to remember that a real home requires that a fully decorated room also succeed at being lived in.
How will an all-white living room adorned in antique pillars and glass chairs function when regularly used throughout the week by a household of three or more? The way that your dream room accommodates you should be a higher priority than the way it accommodates a certain aesthetic.

Accounting for Space
            A fact of life when it comes to interior design is that differently-sized spaces benefit significantly from different choices in theme and approach. A naturally spacious room will most likely enjoy the perks of additional end tables and larger storage furniture, but attempting a couch and coffee table combo in a bedroom may end up causing your space to be too cramped for comfort.
                It’s important to factor the architecture of a room into your choices of furniture and décor as much as you can. A common beginner’s mistake is to cram as much functioning furniture into a room as possible, but this can create a cluttered feel that makes it more difficult to enjoy a room. Minimalism is your friend when finding the balance between form and function!

Personal Taste Reigns Supreme
            Arguably the most common of beginner’s mistakes in honing an interior is to do what you believe you are supposed to do. Being in your 40s no more means that you’re supposed to have a preference towards antique-style oak, than being 25 meaning that IKEA shelves are a requirement. If you cave to the expectation of how you think your house should look, it won’t end up looking much like your house at all!
                From reviewing interior design blogs and magazines, to browsing a hardware store’s selection of furniture sets, you should make it your goal to take note of the things you like, as well as the things you don’t like. Perfecting your interior can only happen if you realize what you truly want.

Brian Wilson is a contributing writer and media specialist for the North American Moving Blog. He regularly produces content for a variety of lifestyle blogs, based around the transitional challenges that come with migrating and traveling long-distance.

Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

By Tim Smith

Adding curb appeal to your home can be done without spending a fortune. A few simple improvements can make all the difference in the look of your home exterior.

Exterior Paint

Developing a tasteful color scheme for your home's exterior is one very impactful way to improve curb appeal. Contrasting trim colors and an inviting palette can really make your home stand out in a neighborhood. If you want the lowest possible cost you can do the work yourself, although this job is preferably done by experienced DIY'ers and professional painters.

Your driveway can make a negative impact if it is cracked or terribly stained. Thankfully these problems are simple and inexpensive to fix. Crack filler or concrete stain are foolproof to use and can really give an old driveway a more updated look.

Garage Update

Once your driveway is nice and neat, take a look at the garage door. Is it the boring or standard issue model? If so, perhaps it's time to update the door. Garage door styles are becoming more unique and custom-looking. There are many options to choose from that can provide a nice finished look to your home. You can even look into some DIY projects for adding high end details to a standard garage door.

Pop of Color

One of the easiest, most affordable improvements you can make is a new hue for your front door. Choose something bright and welcoming that will really stand out and draw attention to your home. This is a great way to go bold without making a huge commitment.

Natural Charm

Cheerful flowers and plants make visitors feel uplifted as they enter your home. Planting a garden around your home's entrance is a classic way to add curb appeal and is very inexpensive if done yourself. If a full scale garden seems too daunting, a few potted plants or window boxes can have a similar effect, with much less maintenance. In dryer climates consider Xeriscaping.

Know Your Numbers

Finally, when choosing curb appeal improvements, it is easy to overlook the mailbox and house numbers. These little details can have a big impact despite their small size. Mailboxes that incorporate the house number are a great option since the numbers are easier to read closer to the street. Make sure that the type of box that you choose reflects the style of your home and you will tie the whole look together for the ultimate in curb appeal.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Fabrica La Aurora

Wandering around the Fabrica La Aurora in San Miguel, Mexico, I came across this architectural firm with some interesting ideas: