Saturday, March 30, 2013

Strange, But Wonderful!

I recall reading some many months ago that a chemical on sofas was causing sitters to get burned by the chemicals resulting in blisters. Now that chemical, dimethyl fumarate " getting a second chance—as a much ballyhooed multiple sclerosis drug called Tecfidera, whose sales could be enormous.

"Among doctors, there's "a strong consensus that Tecfidera offers a more favorable clinical profile than other oral or injectable first-line options," says an analyst. Indeed, some patients have reportedly been waiting for Tecfidera's FDA approval, which came yesterday, before starting any kind of MS treatment"

Friday, March 29, 2013

This surprises me!

According to a recent Forbes article, a Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) survey of 1,000 respondents revealed "...people participating in energy-management programs sponsored by electric utilities are saving negligible amounts of money on their monthly bills compared to non-participating consumers.

“...our survey found there is little difference in the bills of those enrolled in electricity management programs and those who are not.”

That means to me that we must seek out an independent home energy audit service that can graph results before and after you spend money to save energy in your home.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Design Details: Upholstered Furniture

Hello, everyone! I'm so happy to be visiting with you here at Landfair on Furniture with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It's a great place to find lots of interior design inspiration including interesting home décor ideas from accent furniture to mini pendant lighting.

Today, we're going to explore a few of the many beautiful design details that can be added to upholstered furniture. From pleating to ring pulls, tufting and nailhead trim, exquisitely worked details can bring a lovely custom look to upholstered pieces of all sorts. Please enjoy!

Thanks for letting me stop by.

~ Mari

Design Detail

This light-filled sitting area is awash in muted color and affords us a look at several upholstered furniture design details. The sofa, arm chair and leather pouf all show how versatile tufting is. Nailhead trim can be seen on the leather bench turned coffee table.

Design Detail

Here, a built-in banquette is beautiful with deep button tufting and inverted pleats on the wide skirting. A lovely tub chair has simple piping trim as a finish between fabric and wood. Modern pendant lighting and acrylic coffee table add a touch of glam to the space.

Design Detail

This tall upholstered headboard in chic stripes is finished with nailhead trim. The workmanship is extraordinary. Notice the perfect positioning of the trim on the stripes.

Design Detail

A breakfast room done in black and white houndstooth gets custom upholstered dining chairs with rolled backs, button tufting, simple piping and corner kick pleats lined in white.

Design Detail

This traditional arm chair has bias piping, nailhead trim and unexpected tiny pleats worked at the front corners of the seat—a lovely dressmaker touch.

Design Detail

Fine appliqué detailing can add a designer look to sofas and chairs with elegantly simple upholstery. As seen here, the key to successful implementation of this detail is meticulous workmanship.

Design Detail

Designer Helen Amy Murray's upholstered chair is all about the detailing. She cut this floral design into the fabric by hand. Her work is simply stunning.

Design Detail

Ring pulls are a perfect design detail for these elegant dining chairs covered in blue velvet. The oversized modern pendant light looks beautiful with the velvet and the antique mirror. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these upholstered furnishings? Leave us your comments below and be sure to stop by our website for more home decor and lighting inspiration every day!

Century furniture

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A Bloomsbury Life: Improve Your Color Coordination Instantly

A Bloomsbury Life: Improve Your Color Coordination Instantly: I thought up a visual exercise for anyone who thinks they have no talent for figuring out how patterns and colors work together.

"Ultimate Accessorations" From A Zillion Years Ago!!!

"Ultimate Accessorations" From A Zillion Years Ago!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Contemporary Vs Modern

Sometimes, we confuse "contemporary" with "modern." Christopher Porikos, an Interior Designer based in the Los Angeles area, writes "Contemporary design really means or references design that is happening now."

"Modern design is mainly looked as sterile and sometimes cold by some.  There is a common thread of metal, glass and leather.  Hard surfaces like marble and concrete for flooring are used as well as simple high gloss surfaces for the kitchen and bathrooms."

I laughed to myself when I realized an easy way to remember the difference. Assume you are living in the time of Downton Abbey. The designs in the show appear to us as very traditional, but to them it was contemporary. Modern would still be modern.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In our March Newsletter we wrote:
Wow!  Got the new fab introductions this week from Bernhardt Interiors.  They have added more greys, stripes, golds, aquas, sumptuous textures and prints to their array.  New colored leathers have appeared which "...makes me wanna Shout."  They would look so good on a Cocktail Ottoman.

Introduce some of these fabrics and leathers into the palette that you are currently working with for the "Wow and Now" factor.

Then I picked up the March 18th issue of Furniture Today  and see this article: "Bright colors jazz up upholstery." I know it's not the best headline, but it tells us that "...people are so sick of what the big box promotional stores are offering-they want something that sets them apart."

Give me a call or email me to see what Bernhardt Interiors is offering.

Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Create a Cozy Breakfast Nook


A breakfast nook can serve as a special gathering place and sets the stage for the most important meal of the day.  Often designated in a recessed area near the kitchen, the nook should be as warm and inviting as the food that's served on the table.

Breakfast nooks make an ideal setting for sitting down to a more intimate meal, or for peaceful moments with a fresh cup of coffee while reading the paper or a book.  However you decide to use this space, there's an appeal in that it is more casual than a dining table, and yet holds an endearing allure to share your most heartwarming meals with family and friends.

The following are a few breakfast nook ideas when designing the perfect retreat from the often busier kitchen area.

Photo via Decoist.

The right table.  Searching for the ideal breakfast nook table entails knowing how many people you wish to seat.  Creating a bench-style seating area can be a beautiful and efficient way to incorporate more seating space.  If desired, a few additional side chairs can be added as needed.  You'll also want to consider how much space you'll need, and if you wish to use a casual or a luxury table.

Keep the clutter away.  One way to start the day off well is to keep any unnecessary items off the breakfast table.  Leaving bills, junk mail, and keys out can be an eyesore and create unwanted mind-clutter in the morning.  With such a small area to begin with, less items within the dining area can create a sense of serenity to maximize your space and enjoyment.

Photo by Coco+Kelley

Ensure that you have ample light.  Natural light is preferable, and most built-in alcoves are already positioned near windows, which creates an impression of more space.  Also, taking in sunlight while having breakfast every morning can make the difference between starting off the day on a good note or a bad one.  What a better way to start the day than absorbing all the benefits of sunshine!

Keep things simple and display only the things you love.  As breakfast nook spaces are usually smaller than an average dining room, you'll want to choose your decorative items with more care.  A clean color palette and minimalist patterns will help to create an ambiance that is light and casual.  Fresh flowers in your favorite vase can be the perfect accent piece that appeals to the senses and also brings a breath of calm to the setting.

Add a layer of depth with key accent furnishings.   A beautiful area rug within the breakfast nook offers the space a sense of warmth and coziness.  If space allows, a small accent table can be used to display decor items so as keep the breakfast table as free from clutter as possible.

Photo via Lonny.

Bring a touch of dramatic flair to inspire your mornings.  Dress your breakfast nook with flowing curtains or make a statement with lighting by hanging a vintage or modern chandelier.  Whatever your vision, your special nook should inspire and create a comfortably welcoming atmosphere.

Photo via Lonny.