Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Space Reinvented

When we had our Landfair Furniture showroom, I was excited about adding a vendor supplying fine quality Murphy Beds.  We didn't sell any, but we offered them.  I thought for small condos or apartments they would be the perfect way to make space serve a variety of purposes.

Today I came across Resource Furniture. "Since 2000, Resource Furniture has imported and distributed inspired, modern furniture from the finest and most innovative European designers."

Take a look at some inspired design:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jody Seivert Reminds Us...

Ever made your pitch, delivered your presentation and walked away thinking you had a sale only to find out that the potential client went elsewhere?

Jody Seivert who helps businesses and business people to make more money asks, "Have you thought you had commitment when you only had agreement, and were left wondering why the sale didn’t close?"

In a recent blog post Seivert tells us, Hearing and Agreement and Commitment …are not the same. This is one of the subtleties of selling.

She reminds us how to get commitment.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lenova PermaClean

Mike hates to work on plumbing. He gets down under a sink and detaches the pipes, gets water everywhere, never seems to have the right tools and swears a lot.

He came across this sink for kitchens and bathrooms that explains how new technology is changing the way sinks and disposals hook up and it available from Lenova. It can be purchased locally at plumbing distributors. Give the video a look at what's new.

Hair-On-Hide Interior Design

Here's a jewel of a company; perhaps you've seen their product as the "red carpet" on Award shows. It's Kyle Bunting maker of hair-on-hide rugs, wall coverings and upholstery.

Kyle Bunting is redefining how hide is used in interior applications. Recognized foremost for their collection of luxury hide carpets and wall coverings, the company also supplies hides for architectural and upholstery applications.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

John Strauss Furniture Design Fascinates

Mike picked some very interesting pieces from various collections of John Strauss Furniture Design:

Bacall Buffet
Pommele sapele and black lacquer, hand carved legs and feet, feet are metal leafed, black lacquer interior, nickel hardware, pivot hinges.

DC 1305 Mabel Low Dresser, 4-Drawer
Shown in mahogany, silver metal leaf, natural satin finish, black on black crackle lacquer.

Oak and Iron Dresser, 6-Drawer
White oak and ebonized white oak, iron ring pulls, natural satin finish.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Architectural Record has some gift-giving thoughts for 2011. I like the new umbrella design that has been tested in high winds and this Molo Hobo Lantern inspired by the nightlife in Milan during Design Week.

Although I do have one worry. I'm reading the new book "Micro" by Crichton and Preston. In the book our protagonists are trapped in a world where they have been shrunk to a 3/4 inch size. They are fearful of lighting a fire at night or turning on their head-lamps. They may attract predators.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Charles Loomis, Inc.

How many have heard of Charles Loomis, Inc.? The company is headquartered in Kirkland, WA and turns our stunning light fixtures.

Charles Loomis says it "...adorn(s) Malls and Retail Stores with gigantic fixtures that deliver dramatic visual appeal and provide intriguing paths of light. Whether we create a comfortable romantic glow, a fantasy in light, or a bright sparkling atmosphere, our mandate is to always consider the appropriate light level for the environment."

We see these fixtures in various Oregon and Washington locations and most of us don't know anything about the company. Here's a fixture that was hung in a Nordstrom's wedding salon:

In Oregon you'll see Charles Loomis fixtures at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Alison Hotel, Benson Hotel, Broken Top Resort, Nike World Campus, Ashland and Eugene Public Libraries and many more including residences.

Charles Loomis designed this twelve by six foot diameter glass Chandelier for the entry to Neiman Marcus for Schnitzer West at The Bravern, an exclusive collection of retail stores such as Neiman Marcus and Jimmy Choo.

The glass diffusers consist of one hundred and twenty "ribbons" in four shades of amber with sparkling glass frit.

Wide Plank Floors

According to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, three popular trends taking today's Construction, Design and Architectural Professionals by storm are wide plank floors, custom kitchens and radiant heat.

Here you can see Carlisle wide plank floors installed in Lake Oswego restaurant:


Here's an interesting company found in my web surfing, Caba Company.
For more than 35 years, Caba Company has been providing architects, interior designers, builders, and artists all over the U.S. and Europe with BARKSKIN™.

BARKSKIN™ is an organic, hand-pounded bark material which comes in several natural, and designer colors. The sturdiest material in it’s class, BARKSKIN™ is versatile in its uses and easy to apply.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MiniGarden From QuizCamp

I love this idea of a vertical garden for your roof terrace or indoor kitchen herb garden.


For more info, see Terrace Living site

You May Need A Little Accent

"Umlauts, tildes, accents and punctuation can change a word or sentence's meaning. Similarly, sometimes all that's missing from your home is a little accent." I liked the phrase so much, I stole it from Living Social website.

It's true, though.  Often a new lamp, a new chair or a new home accessory can perk your home up on these gloomy days of early winter in the Northwest or holiday season.

Sometimes, all you need to make a room great is a little "Cozy Up" table. Makes a great place for an egg nog.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mike has always been fascinated by mosaics and stippled art.  He came across Artaic - Innovative Mosaic's blog and saw this mosaic that hangs in the Anglican Church of St Peter and is made entirely of burnt toast.

Maurice Bennett, 33 year old British artist, Adam Sheldon created a six foot mosaic of Christ on the cross made of 153 pieces of burnt toast. Adam used his toaster to burn all 153 pieces of bread. He then scraped out the parts he wanted to be lighter with a knife and used a blow torch to make the darker pieces. 

Purchased By One Of Our Clients

Lily Pad Wall Sconce
18.25 inches X 18.25 inches X 4 inches deep
Holds two 40w candelabra bulbs
Page 216 of Global Views Catalog

Monday, November 14, 2011

Uttermost Lamps Are Ordered

We just ordered some beautiful Uttermost lamps for clients and I thought you would like to take a look:

These lamps are in stock and will be shipped immediately at a great price. Call Bev for details: 503-249-7951

Visit Verdigris Vie

Here's a prolific blogger, Verdigris Vie, who has posted 211 times this year.  My best year was 180 times in 2010. Verdigris Vie has this photo apparently of the home of Designer Jay Griffith of LA.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bridget A Otto On Saturday

Bridget Otto has 12 festive ideas for your Thanksgiving table from Portland interior designer Garrison Hullinger, of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, JJ De Sousa,  interior designer and owner of Digs Inside & Out, Lora Coburn,  owner of CoCo Designs and interior designer Jason Ball, of Portland's Jason Ball Interiors.

While the centerpiece is beautiful, soon the conversation begins over dinner and the centerpiece is moved to the floor.

What was I writing about last November? Here's a look:
I'm still writing about Stanley and Bridget A Otto, in fact look later today to see our latest on Ms Otto. I was struck by our announcement that we were adding Fabricut by announcing a trunk show.  Who knew that less than a year later the economy would put us under? In fact I wrote about the economy in It's The Economy!  A year later things don't appear much better.  Furniture stores are still failing and frankly Europe's contagion could easily spread to the U.S.  Check out Why Mexico? for a comparison of the U.S. to Italy and Mexico.

I can't believe how much less stress and pressure I feel now that our showroom is closed.  Hard to believe how nice it is to have lunch with Mike or go to Jazzercise early in the morning.  I love working from with all my designer friends from home.  Let me know if I can help you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Buzz: Gel Beds

The buzz at High Point this year had to be over Gel beds! What the heck are Gel beds. Is that short for Jello?

Quality bedding for great sleep has been defined by sleep number beds and tempurpedic mattresses. Now add Gel beds. Intellibed describes its bed as "...made from a soft, but extremely strong and elastic solid copolymer gel formed into a series of vertical support members that begin to compress under light loads, but when the pressure on any localized area becomes uncomfortable, the support members relax allowing that localized part of the body to sink into the mattress. In this way, pressure points under the hip and shoulder areas are reduced by a remarkable 50-80%."

Makers of Gel beds include Restonic, Jamison, Paramount, Serta, Simmons, Gold Bond and many more.

Mike is interested because he complains about our pillow top mattress.  He says it feels like he's sleeping on a futon.  His hip bones hurt in the night from the mattress pushing back at him.  I'm comfortable, yet the mattress set is almost ten years old, so it may be time to investigate the new technology.

One aspect that I like is the formulation of the gel.  Gel bed manufacturers say gel provides for better temperature control.

Results Of The 2011 Pinnacle Awards

Designers in 16 furniture, accessories and lighting categories were honored recently in the 2011 Pinnacle Awards.

Stanley Furniture's Coastal Living Resort won in the major collections category for designers Richard Schroeder, Denis Kissane and Gary Hokanson.


Take a strong measure of vintage modern, add a dash of Danish design and a smidge of transitional style and what have you got? Mix: a delightfully timeless combination of yesterday and today, vintage and modern, form and function. Combine any of the five accent finishes to create a two-toned monument to the beauty of wood, or pair a finish with one of the 17 paint colors to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

New At High Point

The October 2011 issue of Home Accents Today is out and in it I see some of the vendors we support introduced new products at Fall High Point.

The new item from Bernhardt Interiors is the Gustav side chair. It is same style as the Delancey chair shown above, except it has a shiny metal frame and upholstered in a metallic "snakeskin" leather.

Frederick Cooper unveiled new lamps from the Larry Laslo Collection.

Global Views introduced a seashell-inspired swirl platter.

"Putting a modern twist on the timeless tradition of the symbolic wedding band, these handsome 22" and 28" table lamp designs are crafted in a gold and silver chrome finish for unmistakable style. Accessorized with white or brown linen shades, the Matrimony Reclining Table Lamps from Nova Lamps will form the perfect union with your decor."

From Uttermost, "Hand painted artwork on canvas is stretched and mounted to wooden stretching boards. A textured finish is added for extra definition. Due to the handcrafted nature of this artwork, each piece may have subtle differences."

Monday, November 07, 2011

The Texas Fireframe Grate

Winter will be here soon and some are predicting a legendary winter for those living in this area.  By legendary, I'm assuming it means that 50 years from now people will soon be talking about the winter of 2011-2012, like my father talked about the winters of the past when the Willamette River froze over.

When we think about being cold, we either want to be in Mexico in the winter or sitting here in front of a warm fire.  Some people have bought into the notion that a fireplace is a waste because all the heat goes up the chimney or they have converted to a natural gas fireplace with fake logs.  Still most of the heat goes up the chimney.

The other day I came across an invention that sends the heat of burning wood out into the room instead of up the chimney.  The Texas Fireframe grate was invented by a physicist back in 1974 and people just swear it:

"It is the greatest fireplace invention since the discovery of wood matches."
-- R. Seiden, Berkeley, CA
"I was astounded!... The increase in heat output is remarkable…the temperature in the room increases from 7 to 12 degrees with the [Texas Fireframe grate] over the temperature with a regular grate. I find that all your claims are true, if not understated.”
-- L. Isaacson, Berrien Springs, MI  

It's simple really as these pictures show:

The Texas Fireframe® grate is made of hot rolled steel, welded bars, and includes slip-on, height-adjustable, friction-locking arms. Fully-assembled. Instructions included.

It comes in three sizes; the U-25 unit fits almost all fireplaces. You can order on line and have it in place before the snow flies.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Floor to Ceiling Wall Art Is Now Easy

This is not your grandmother’s wall paper. These are not murals; this is floor to ceiling WALL ART. The applications are limitless and the results, stunning!

Choose from over 7000 original works from New Era Portfolio’s exclusive collection. Also, a stock image bank with over 12 million images, an abstract art collection, vintage art, photography and more collections coming in the near future. You can virtually find an image of anything you desire or even upload your own sourced imagery.

Do you want to have a whole wall as a city nightscape, or awake with the mountains out your window and Portofino on your wall? It all comes from New Era Walls by HP.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Uttermost Introduces New App

What if you are an interior designer and you want to show some Uttermost products to your clients. Now you can with an iPad and an Uttermost app for as little as $2.99.

This new app is for use by Uttermost sales representatives, retailers, and consumers. The functionality includes nearly everything that the Uttermost Web site includes, plus swiping from image to image, pinch-zooming for extreme enlargement, etc. This app is ideal for presenting product one-on-one, or when connected to a big screen or monitor, to a group of people.

“We love new technology, but only if it benefits our customers," said Mac Cooper, president . The images on our new App are incredible, second only to seeing the product in person.”

The time is coming when I'll have to break down and get an iPad or an alternative from Amazon!

Writer Nate Gibson Inspired By Landfair on Furniture

As a designer for Manchester Wood, a solid wood furniture manufacturer in Granville, NY, I spend a lot of time looking at various interiors when conceptualizing and designing furniture pieces. Thinking about how designs would work with different spaces provides ideas on how to refine them and create products that fit many settings well.

I'm come across multiple interiors on Landfair on Furniture that have especially interested me with their design elements and got me thinking about the ways those design elements would work with our solid wood furniture. One of these interiors is the rammed earth, adobe-style farmhouse.

Specifically, the contrast of the adobe and brick with the wood in the interior is a very nice look – two very different types of building materials that complement each other very nicely. The stone-wood look instantly made me think of some of Manchester Wood's slate-topped tables and has given my ideas for future designs, such as new finish colors and types of slate that I think might be more complementary.

Another post that I took inspiration from was the House of 2015. The ultra-sleek and modern look of this house of the future is accented by beautiful wood flooring.

The natural wood grains combined with the modern look of the interior have given a number of ideas for future pieces for our glass-top collection. The richness of wood paired with the open feeling evoked by glass combine for a very pleasant ambiance.

Those posts are just two examples of the inspiration I have taken from the Landfair on Furniture blog, there have been others and I'm sure many more to come. Thanks for reading.
 ~Nate Gibson