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Luxury Vinyl Tile - The Most Resilient Bathroom Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile - the most resilient bathroom flooring material. Since flooring is one of the foundational materials required for renovations or new construction, it should be given significant importance for your bathroom. The flooring in your bathroom should also be equally beautiful and pull together all of the style and colors of your entire home while being a flooring material that is extremely resilient, durable and makes your floor maintenance a cinch.
The first considerations for bathroom flooring are usually focused on a few important areas; the style, the color and of course the associated cost for the product itself, including the often hidden installation expenses. But did you know that there are a few other things that you should include as well?
Design and style frequently drive the choice of flooring; however, bathroom flooring considerations such as shape, length, width, textures, moisture performance, installation requirements and durability are also some of the most important items that can impact your flooring choices.
Now, I realize that's quite a bit to take in when you just want the final outcome to be the perfect bathroom and a pocketbook that isn’t completely drained. So you will be excited to know that there is flooring material that will help overcome all of these considerations but can give you something unexpected as well, long-lasting flooring for your bathroom that can withstand the most extreme moisture conditions.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), or sometimes called (EVP) - engineered vinyl plank or luxury vinyl flooring can be a kid proof, pet proof, waterproof and even scratch proof flooring solution, depending on the brand you choose. LVT can also have the highest noise reduction rating compared to other flooring options out there.
This flooring material is a dead ringer for the look and feel of solid, natural hardwood flooring. The variety of species, colors, textures, and price will appeal to any design aficionado and/or savvy homeowner. The range of style and plank/tile sizes for LVT vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so we carry multiple hundreds of LVT options to ensure our customers have a wide selection of the best flooring options to choose from.

1.   What’s The Best Bathroom Flooring?
One of the questions we are frequently asked is what is the best bathroom flooring, or the best-looking, best-performing luxury vinyl tile flooring out there and how does it stand up to matching classic hardwood floor when it comes to installation in your bathroom?
There are many LVT brands that truly deliver on durability, design and realistic texture. Some of the top luxury vinyl tile brands are Adamantine, Aurora Hardwoods, Cali Bamboo, Coretec, Engage, Gala Manufacturing, Hallmark Floors, Mannington – Adura Max, Neptune, Oasis, Provenza, Ridgeline, and SLCC, just to name a few. The choices really become endless from a bath design perspective and provide the look that you are after in a gamut of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to natural stones and slates. Furthermore, many of the top luxury vinyl tile manufacturers offer 25 year to lifetime warranties.  

2.               Is LVT Durable For Bathrooms?
Let's take an active household with kids and pets with constant foot traffic and a lifestyle that consists of wear and tear on a daily basis. That kind of flooring stress will show cracks, gouges, scratches and water damage over a period of time. Now throw in that it is a high moisture area that can add significant stress to natural hardwood flooring with the constant expanding and contraction process.
In the past, it would not be advisable to install a wood floor in a bathroom environment, but today we see folks using their LVP and LVT floors in mudrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, primarily because the mirrored look of wood grains and natural stones are so closely matched to the real product that the homeowner can have their cake and eat it too!
With LVT, you get unstoppable resilience in your bathroom floor, combined with a distinguished style. The durability and beauty of a quality luxury vinyl floor product just can't be beat.

3.               Waterproof Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Floors In Bathrooms
The moisture and water that gets distributed on a bathroom floor can often lead to the damage and ultimate replacement of flooring after a certain number of years, depending on the surface that was originally selected. One of the foremost benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring is its amazing waterproof characteristics. This type of bathroom floor creates an impenetrable and tightly locked floor surface that does not allow liquid to absorb of leak through. LVT flooring keeps all splashes and spills on the surface, allowing you to simply and easily wipe it up! Today, homeowners are looking to waterproof flooring for the bathroom and kitchen so that it can help prevent unnecessary or costly water damage from accidents or consistent daily use.
4.               Luxury Vinyl Tile In The Bathroom
When it comes to bathroom flooring and the many choices of tile, wood, stone and of course luxury vinyl tile, there are factual and realistic superior qualities of LVT. Luxury vinyl tile is easier to install in your bathroom than many other flooring options, which reduces your bathroom flooring costs even more. LVT flooring is lighter than either tile or wood, making treks up to the 2nd and 3rd level floors so much easier for installation.
Another fantastic characteristic of luxury vinyl tile flooring for your bathroom is that it can be a do-it-yourself job if you are on a tight budget. We have guided hundreds of customers through the installation process and best practices for laying LVT in your bathroom correctly, with excellent results.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is the most resilient bathroom flooring that delivers on style, cost, and durability.

Author Bio:

Tom Michaud is the CEO of Simple Floors Portland, located in Portland, Oregon. Tom’s decades of experience providing homeowners and contractors with quality home building and renovation materials focuses on wood flooring, countertops, tile, laminate floor, and carpeting.