Monday, September 30, 2013

Creative Headboard Ideas

Do you remember your college dorm or apartment? How about the first home as a couple? I remember building a shelving system out of concrete blocks and a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood 5/8 inch thick split into three pieces 16 inches wide. It was sturdy enough to hold the stereo and books and some newly-acquired art.

That same Ana Duovska who writes for Architecture Art Design, has a nice article about headboards. They can be just a personalized and fcreative as that that first book shelf or can be vintage. I always read in bed before the light goes off. Here's my favorite for reading:

This just looks downright peaceful:

Ombre Style?

Ana Duovska writes in Architecture Art Design that Ombre style is still going strong and it has  a lot of fans.  Ombre is a style that uses multicolored vibrant stripes, with a color gradient that progresses from lightest to darkest. 
Luxurious light to dark shades creates a dramatic effect wherever they are used. Ombre style can be found everywhere and on everything, from fashion to home decor and even to walls. It can be incorporated on various styles fading from dark to light or light to dark. Gradient furniture and decorations can be beautifully displayed in modern and traditional houses and residences due to their versatility and visual appeal. You can enjoy this modern style using it from furniture and textiles to walls and other artistic decorations for your home.
I've picked a few of her examples of the style. See the article for many more.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

6 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Google+

Why You Should Be Using Google+ In Your Design Business By Laurie Laizure Founder of

Customized Walls prints custom wallpaper and wall murals for the residential and commercial markets. They  offer Interior Design Professional discounts and will help you with your other marketing needs (Portfolio books, signage, tradeshow signs, etc.)

Sure I share things on Google +, but I just haven't taken the time to see how I can use it for marketing. Laurie Laisure has done us that favor.
  1. Your Google+ Profile Page is where all things Google can be found
  2. Circles - Think of circles as address books. You might have one for your personal contacts or your business contacts and so forth.
  3. Authorship - Google has established a way where your blog and even your Google+ posts can show up in Google search results with your cute profile picture right next to your post.
  4. Business Pages - You can only add people who circle you first. A great way to get more followers on your business page is by posting interesting content and participating in communities related to your business.
  5. Communities - it's like a watercooler for your business
  6. Google Tools
I would like your feedback. Is this another Facebook? Do you have the time to do it justice? Do you see this improving your social media marketing?

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013


    America's Best Hotels for Fall Colors Includes

    Columbia Gorge Hotel, Hood River, OR

    The Columbia River Gorge was the country’s first declared National Scenic Area, and it’s easy to understand why when you gaze at the majestic confluence of mountains and river. Overlooking the gorge, the 39-room Columbia Gorge Hotel supplies the comforts of homemade granola, spa treatments, and stately touches like canopy beds and Art Deco tiling. Doubles from $239.
    Room to Book: Ask for a River View Fireplace Room, with a gas fireplace and a panoramic view of the Columbia River Gorge.
    Get Outdoors: This is a fantastic place to windsurf and kite board; be prepared to get wet with a rental from Big Winds. If you prefer wine to water, explore local vineyards during their harvest season.


    Thursday, September 12, 2013

    America's Strangest People

    No. 2 Portland, OR



    Up two rankings from last year, this Oregon city is home to the Unipiper, a unicycling bagpiper fond of dressing as Darth Vader or Santa—and he’s just another denizen of this earnestly out-there town. The east side has a high concentration of mustachioed, fedora-wearing folk, at spots such as Voodoo Doughnut, the vegan mini-mall on SE 12th, or the nearby food truck pod, at Hawthorne.

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013


    America's Best Sandwiches includes:

    Bunk Sandwiches, Portland, OR: Pork Belly Cubano


     Jannie Huang

    Co-chefs Tommy Habetz and Nick Wood change their blackboard menu daily, but know to keep favorites like this pork belly cubano in regular rotation. Their version of the Cuban workman’s lunch is improved by swapping out roast pork for house-cured, molasses-rubbed pork belly, slow roasted until fork tender. Ham, Tillamook Swiss, and pickles round out this pressed sandwich on a mustard, mayo, and hot sauce–doused French roll. Customers can add bacon, anchovies, and/or hot peppers to any sandwich, and every order comes with kettle chips.

    10 Fastest Growing Cities in the US

    Portland is Number 10

    Best Chicken Dishes in The US Includes

    Pok Pok; Portland, OR


    America's Best Bakeries includes

    Pearl Bakery, Portland, OR


    Pati G.

    This Pearl District institution (est. 1997) has been a training ground for many of Portland’s new artisan bakers and remains on top of its game thanks to family involvement, ingredients sourced weekly from a farmers’ market, and commitment to quality control. The smell of fresh-baked baguettes wafts through the light-filled bakery, and the pastry case teems with chocolate chunk cookies, Danishes, and gibassier, a treat from Provence made with fruited olive oil, anise, and orange flower water.
    Must-Try Item: A seasonal fruit tart like fresh rhubarb or summer berries in a buttery pie crust.


    Pacific Way Bakery, Gearhart, OR


     Paula K. Niziolek

    Baker and co-owner Lisa Allen works through the night to bring this Oregon beach town pastries on par with those found in France. The results are displayed in a case of rustic fruit tarts and croissants as well as American-inspired goodies like sticky buns. The self-taught baker makes everything you see—as well as desserts in the adjoining restaurant. Black-and-white-tiled floors and gilded mirrors lend a fitting French country look.
    Must-Try Item: The not-too-sweet scone loaded with fresh Oregon marionberries.