Sunday, October 15, 2006

What Not To Serve At A Dinner Party

Back in June we quoted from an article in House Beautiful by the Barefoot Contessa about Tips for Entertaining at Home. A recent issue has an article entitled What Not to Serve at a dinner party. The Contessa has read my mind.

1. Appetizers that require two hands! You know the party. You take a napkin or a little plate and help yourself to crudites with ranch dressing, some meat balls, maybe those little cocktail wienies and a fork. There you are with a drink in one hand and your napkin and the plate in the other. In order to eat or shake hands you must put your drink down.

2. Beets or red wine! We never serve red wine in our showroom. However, we do have several overturned wine glasses with acrylic red wine that makes a frightening gift for use on a light sofa or light carpet.

3. Three rich courses!
If you're serving a rich main course, start with a salad and end with some fruit and a delicious cookie. Your friends will thank you.
4. Garlic and raw onions! Mike and I always ask, Are you eating onions?

5. Spinach! No one wants to ask if they have spinach between their teeth.

6. Corn on the cob! (See Spinach.)

7. Two fish courses!

8. Offal!
They always looks so good, those bacon wrapped somethings. I take a big bite and it's liver! Gag me. Contessa says same goes for "tongue, tripe and sweetbreads."

9. Nuts! Skip dishes made with nuts as ingredients. People may be allergic.

10. Blowfish!

Here are a few of our own:

1. Skip the dip that consists of a brick of cream cheese and some green or red sause poured on top.
2. Skip serving grapes with seeds or cherries.
3. Make sure any meat you serve has no gristle.
4. Avoid low quality non-alcoholic beers.

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery


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