Saturday, December 09, 2006

Have You Heard Ray LaMontagne?

The Washington Post has discovered Ray LaMontagne. Mike and I found his first album, the one with the song "Trouble" on it and it gets played in our store. Then his second album came out, Till the Sun Turns Black and "Can I Stay" just tears out my heart. WaPo says
According to LaMontagne, such soulfulness was there "even on the first demos I made. It's just the way I sing. In order to get a note out, I have to dig deep, and I mean that on an emotional level. To physically sing, I have to get somewhere deep before I can do it. I can't dial it in is what I'm trying to say. It's just impossible, and I think that's what has translated live."

LaMontagne will be in concert Monday at the "9:30 Club" in Washington D.C. and will be streamed live on NPR starting about 9 p.m. EST and archived for on-demand listening at

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