Friday, March 14, 2008

Best Places to Find Color Inspiration

One thing caught my eye in the latest HGTV decorating news. David Bromstad shares tips for the Best Places to Find Color Inspiration.

Who is Bromstad? David Bromstad is the season one winner of HGTV Design Star.

Here are his tips:

Get Outside -
Nature is the most amazing place for color inspiration, since each season offers different and amazing color combinations. The warmth of the summer and fall, the cool colors of winter and the fresh hues of spring are the perfect examples of Mother Nature's work. Color doesn't just exist in the growth of nature, but in every aspect. A stormy sky against fall leaves is unbelievable, while a yellow rain jacket on a gray, rainy day is the perfect color combination for spring.
There is one color of green I just love and it comes this time of year and that is the new, fresh, rain-washed green of budding leaves.

Go Shopping -
Take a look at the fresh produce aisles at your grocery store. Nature went crazy with the most amazing and vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables. Grab a few of your favorite shades and see how you can make them work together in your home.
I'm reading "On Mexican Time" by Tony Cohan. In it he and his wife are shopping in San Miguel de Allende. Can you picture these colors: "...when a willowy Indian girl in a green sweater showed up at the door with buckets of bright orange-yellow calabaza flowers

and blue corn tortillas." or "Beneath a canvas awning we pick ripe yellow mangoes

and magenta cactus berries called garambullos for Susana's mousse."

Read the Fine Print -
My greatest color inspiration comes from fashion and magazines. First, it's the best way to stay on top of color trends and styles, since fashion is always the forefront of what then comes into interiors.

Take a Stroll -
All the colors you see in everyday life can be a part of your home. Carry a camera to take snapshots whenever you find the perfect combination.

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