Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More Fashion Week Daily

Maybe we spoke to soon about short skirts and what it means for the market. Fashion Week Daily has more runway reviews from New York Spring 2009. Take a peek:

Proenza Schouler

Jack and Lazaro took their collection to new heights-outer space, to be exact. Jumpsuits in tech fibers, belted or beaded, drew adoring stares. "They were the best jumpsuits I've ever seen," raved Allure's Linda Wells. "These guys really are the next generation of style setters."


"I was inspired by a new dawn-the sun rising and the woman awakening," cooed the sultry Catherine Malandrino, who now has 10 years and 9 stores under her belt.

Ports 1961

We saw fitted skirt suits, printed dresses, and light and airy trousers in metallics, cobalt, scarlet, and taupe. Statement accessories were also in the mix-ballet flats, sculpted wooden wedges, corset belts and an array of chunky necklaces.

Remember, style elements you see on the runway one year make their way to your furniture the next year.

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