Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bridget Otto Thursday

We haven't had a Bridget Otto Thursday for a while, so I was struck by some of our friends mentioned today in one of her articles. In The Oregonian's HGNW, Using EXTREMES Requires BALANCE, the premise is that "tough economic times will push home decor to extremes."

Amanda Klash of Montogomery Klash Interior Design says "...we may see many opposites, but there needs to be a plan."

Jaime Stephens, executive director of Color Marketing Group, says:
"We are drawn to old-culture decor -- a Tuscan farmhouse kitchen -- but we want state-of-the-art appliances in that kitchen."
Celeste LeDuke of Portland's Designing Women, says pairing a rough or reclaimed wood floor with sleek appliances will work, but "you don't want it to look like a tool shed."

Sue Augustyn, the owner of SAID/Sue Augustyn Interior Design has been pairing high gloss with faded western artifacts for years.
All (the) designers warned against just bringing some sort of extreme look into a room.
Maybe, all three saying the juxtaposition of different styles is okay, it's fun to be edgy, but find a balance and moderation.
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