Sunday, November 02, 2008

High Point Observations

Since we went to Las Vegas Market at the end of July, we did not go to High Point, however here's what some are saying about trends at this fall's show.

Jean Greeson of Greeson and Fast Design wrote
As we saw in the spring, there were a lot of eco-friendly and natural materials, and on the other side of the fashion spectrum, a lot of glitz and glamour. Metallic colors and textures were featured in fabrics, rugs and even ceramics, and rich linens and velvets were employed in upholstery and drapery

Richard Fast of Greeson and Fast design noticed
an evolution in surface textures — a couple of years ago shiny black lacquer was popular, then it was replaced with shiny white lacquer, and this time there were some antique French reproductions finished in flat white. It gave them a contemporary look.
As for colors Greeson still saw blush pinks and earth tones, blacks and whites.
I should say “charcoal and white,” because charcoal seems to be the new black.
The Rocky Mountain News reports that Small is the new black.

Remember the McMansions, now we are seeing baby boomers and tight-fisted consumers down size to smaller homes, condos, apartments and flats. Oversized furniture is out. Now we are seeing smaller arms on sofas. Customers are asking for tables where the leaves are hidden. Storage in condos is at a premium. They also want furniture pieces to "do tricks", meaning be a coffee table and a dining table or at least have multiple functions.
Furniture manufacturers are responding to downsizing baby boomers and the growing appeal of urban living by reducing the scale of dressers, coffee tables, nightstands and the like. They're compressing home offices into a single fold-out cabinet. And they're cutting back the length of sofas and entertainment centers that sprawled across the length of wall in McMansions.

If you were at High Point, do you have some other observations?

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