Thursday, March 08, 2007

Condos and Small Spaces

News about condos and small spaces caught my eye these last two days.

Pearl District Monthly shows 179 Condos in January/February are sold or pending sale or in late stage of selling.

Seattle Journal of Commerce has this article
While many people gravitate to a particular condominium development because of its exterior architecture or fabulous location, it is the interior design that should really be the focus.
In smaller units, interior designers focus on an open-plan concept.
The focus is on minimizing walls and enclosures to maximize the feeling of openness and spaciousness. This concept is also successful in two-bedroom homes, where one bedroom is treated as a flexible space with a movable partition or sliding panels that connect with the larger great room living space.

In larger residences, the bedroom and bath can be used to create

a feeling of retreat within the residence, a personal oasis for homeowners to keep out of sight from visitors.
Then Home Decorating Reviews has an article about Decorating Small Living Rooms and I thought some of the tips were very useful:

* Keep it bright
o Use natural light if it is available, and hanging lights or chandeliers or sun lights if not but keep the room as bright as possible

* Keep it open
o Whenever possible use the space efficiently leaving easy access in and out of the room in the direction of flow you wish to encourage

* Make a focal point
o If you have a focus such as a large picture, a fireplace or a window make that a focus to help expand the room into that ‘space’ and draw attention away from the limited size of the room

* Use light and airy colors
o Using dark woods and darker shades will make the room feel ‘closed in’ while neutrals and shades of white or cafĂ©’ or even yellow whenever appropriate will lighten the room and make what would be stifling feel ‘cozy’ instead

* Avoid Clutter
o Most important in a small space is to avoid clutter or crowding in to many items or pieces
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery is moving to the Pearl Design Center at 1636 NW 15th. We have scheduled the movers for March 15th!

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