Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Vancouver's Koplan's Home Furnishings Closed Its Doors

Koplan’s Home Furnishings is going out of business. (Zachary Kaufman/The Columbian)

Established in 1948, 25,000 square foot Koplan's Home Furnishings in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Washington has closed its doors. Keith Koplan and his wife Merle Koplan operated the store and Keith was 2008 president of the Western Home Furnishings Assn. Julia Anderson, Columbian Staff Writer reported
"I didn't plan on this happening, just now," said Koplan, 67. "But we've been operating in the red for two years and we had to weigh that against our plans to retire. I had to ask myself how long it would take to make up for the losses we've been seeing. If I were 10 years younger, I could hang in there."
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