Sunday, September 05, 2010

What's New In Custom Iron Doors

We love front doors! When on vacation what draws the eye of the photographer?  It's the doors in the walls where you can only imagine what life is like beyond the address on the gate.

That's why our interest was peaked when we read the following about custom iron doors:
Redesigning the exterior of your home says a lot about your own personal tastes. The doorway is the entry point and the point of focus for any outdoor façade, so making a stunning and lasting impression with your home can not only increase the value, but also your own enjoyment of your home. A popular choice for entry doors on the market today are custom iron doors because of the unique factor they bring to a home.
Two companies are mentioned, Imperial Doors (below)  and Baltic Iron Doors (above).

The article states that the exterior of your home dictates the color of your custom iron work.
If you have a brick home, darker finished doors tend to accent this better than lighter doors, depending on the color of the brick. For white to cream colored bricks, black to dark green is a good finish, since it highlights the entryway. Darker colored bricks benefit more from having a cream-colored finish in order to highlight the entry point.

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