Sunday, December 19, 2010

How To Choose a Bar Stool

When it comes to choosing a bar stool, Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery in Portland can help you choose the right height and style, made in both metal and wood.

Bar heights range from 40 to 42 inches and counters are generally about 36 inches. You need about ten inches under for your legs under the bar or counter, so your seat heights will vary. Generally, seat heights for bars are about 30 inches and counters about 24 to 26 inches. There is even a spectator height that some prefer.

Stools can then be backless, stationary or swivel, and swivel with memory, meaning it returns to its original position. They can be captain chairs or have no arms.

We sell a lot of Tempo products because they come in a variety of styles in powdered coated metal that is durable and a great buy for the price. Any finish is available and in any seat height. Our most popular is Brazilia which is great for condos in its transitional style. Sometimes when you have wooden cabinets and wood floors, it's nice to change it up with metal bar stools.

Landfair Furniture also carries Dinec in all seat heights at a higher price and Stanley which is a good value, however it is not as customizable.

When making a major purchase for your home, it's always advisable to seek a professional opinion. We can help provide suggestions if you don't have someone to rely on.

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