Monday, December 05, 2011

5 Ways To Give Guests A Warm Welcome

Mike's sister, like many of your friends and relatives, will be spending Christmas Eve night with us in our guest room. I've never really thought about it before, until reading a recent article, but there are at least five ways to make our guests feel welcome. (ARA) a decorating expert at Country Door, an online and catalog retailer, suggest we take cues from our favorite B&Bs:
  • Start with great quality linens," suggests Jillian Tatkow, senior textile merchandiser for Country Door. "Then add a variety of pillows in a mix of firmness and size. Decorative pillows and warm quilts are thoughtful extras that make a guest room comfortable and inviting."
  • Less is more.  your guest room is not the place to store last season's clothes or holiday decorations and presents.  Leave room for your guests to unpack and hand their clothes.
  • Take a seat.  Many people don't like to sit on their beds.  Provide a chair and lamp for them to relax or read.
  • Don't forget the walls. Tasteful wall art that harmonizes with the colors of the room can really tie your decor together. Mirrors have the effect of making a small guest room feel larger and more airy.
  • Add the finishing touch. Just before your guests arrive, fill a vase with fresh flowers and foliage. Make sure guest towels and extra blankets are readily accessible. A candle grouping or other decorative accents can prevent a room from being too cold or impersonal. Place an interesting book or magazine on the bedside table and you have the finishing touch to a perfectly welcoming guest room.
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