Sunday, January 29, 2012

Degeeri: This otter-like creature uses a rock to break clamshells. The Degeeri is expressive and energetic and can be found on the beach.

I love, love, love these creatures of contemporary sculptor Geoffrey Gorma.  He takes sticks and cast off materials to fashion animals that appear to be alive.  Each with a story.
As he works, Gorman imagines a life story for every animal. He assigns each a Latin species name to hint at what “family” it belongs to. Like the novelist who creates entire histories for fictional characters, Gorman gives his creatures backgrounds and biological attributes: they emerge from an enchanted world, tucked between the pages of history. As each workday begins, he looks around his studio and asks, “What blend of fantasy, nature and imagination can I make of this?”

Melanotus: Fast, sleek, intelligent and sometimes scary, the Melanotus is a trickster. Do not turn your back on him

The Courtship of Purcist and Osmia: These two fowls are in the middle of a courtship dance. Purcist shows off his tail feathers, while Osmia struts. Each is trying to impress the other.
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