Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Angela Todd's Blog

Hey, gang, check out Angela Todd's blog. She has a step-by-step process to get remodeling or redecorating project underway.

Another post on her blog has pictures of the Home Builders Association’s Ultimate Open House, which took place on April 18th-19th and 25th-26th. She says it was a tremendous success. The Interior Design Society of Portland worked with several of the home builders to stage and style their homes. This picture just steals my heart. I just love the drama and the striking saturated orange:

The only thing missing on her blog is a blogroll and our blog on it.

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Angela Todd said...

Hey Bev and Mike! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will get the blogroll going with a link to Landfair. Do you have a widget you recommend I use?

Bev & Mike said...

Angela, you have blogger like we do. Go to cuatomize and click on "ass a gadget" and you'll find blog list. It's cake!