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Canopy Beds: The Enduring Allure

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Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Canopy Bed Drexel Heritage Marge Carson

There’s an immediate sense of luxury and decadence conveyed when one mentions canopy beds.  It is common to find richly carved designs on the wooden frame of canopy beds, making them a dramatic centerpiece to any bedroom.

During the medieval period, canopy beds gained popularity with both peasants and royalty alike.  For nobles and peasants, canopies had a utilitarian purpose of protecting one from outside elements, where thatched-roofs may have not sufficed. Sheets were traditionally used to drape over the bed posts to protect one from bugs and bug droppings that fell through the roof.  The prestigious and rich, however, enjoyed the warmth, comfort and privacy that canopy beds provided.

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Over time, canopy beds took on a more romantic notion as elaborate carvings, richly decorated tapestries and accessories were added to the overall designs.

Savannah Collections Luxury Furniture Marge Carson Lexington Furniture

Gilded with gold-accent over intricate wood carvings throughout, the Greenwich Bed shown above is just one example of how canopy beds create a cozy yet luxurious setting.  A simple light canopy sheet was draped above and within the wooden frame to compliment the solid wood and lend it a softer, more romantic touch.  Elegant touches such as these prove why the allure of canopy beds has endured throughout the ages.

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