Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Inspirational Designs for the Home Office

Home offices have recently increased in popularity as more people choose to work from home.  However, we believe that having your own office at home should involve more than just a desk with a computer.  Not only can it provide a relaxed environment for work, but with key design elements, may also serve as a source of inspiration and quiet refuge.  Many also use their home office area as a study, or a quiet place to unwind and read away from the distractions of the rest of the home.

We've collected some ideas of beautifully designed luxury home office spaces ranging from traditional to contemporary to minimalist styles:

This Princeton Executive Desk by Savannah Collections presents all the refined air of an academic study.  The base is finished in Cherry Mahogany, and the top provides a beautiful contrast with its inlaid black leather desktop.  Gold accents complete the hand-carved design, creating a hint of understated elegance and sophistication.

To complement the desk is the Princeton Wall Unit/Bookcase.  This awe-inspiring wooden bookcase allows for ample storage for your beloved book collection or keepsakes, and protect them from the elements behind tempered glass doors.

For a different kind of traditional office style, the Henredon vignette below showcases a beautiful study with a slim, oval table and a pair of sleek chairs.  Warm tones of green, burgundy, orange and gold create an effortlessly relaxed atmosphere.  The graceful bookcases on each side of the mantle offer a space for displaying books and treasures.

Photo by Beth Singer.

We simply adore this contemporary office below, with its charmingly paired black desk and wall unit, accented with wonderful shades of green to brighten the space.

Photo via Vanhomy.

Photo via Home My Design.

If you like your office space even brighter, a white desk alongside white walls decorated with vibrant accessories can awaken the senses and may help you tackle that long office task list.
In contrast, if you’d like to create a calming ambiance within your home office, it can be as simple as limiting your decor to the bare essentials.  A minimalist approach can produce a tranquil work space, so that you can focus on important projects.  A clean design can foster a serene state of mind known to increase productivity and even help generate ideas.

We instantly fell in love with this stunningly curved, white desk below, which is both eye-catching and clean in design.  We love the natural wood storage area and its extraordinary rounded ends.  A matching storage component behind it, and simple, minimal decor add warmth to the room, while complimenting the simple design.

Photo via Pampai.

We hope that these home office designs have given you as much inspiration as they have given us.  Ultimately, your office space should provide you a space that corresponds to your work-style and needs.  Serene or stimulating, dark or bright, the most essential ingredient to the perfect home office or study is that you are completely in love with it.

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