Saturday, June 22, 2013

Have You Thought Of Consignment?

You are planning a whole or partial makeover to your home furnishings or you need to raise some money in this economy, you might consider a consignment shop. Cameron Huddleston at Kiplinger shares what's hot and what's not.

What Sells Best:
  • Upholstered items
  • Leather furniture
  • Wooden furniture
  • Dining sets  
  • Buffet tables
  • Midcentury modern furniture
  • Inexpensive, unframed modern art
  • Contemporary lamps
  • Unique items
  • Accessories      
What Not To Sell:
  • TV armoires
  • China and china cabinets
  • Rugs
  • Brass items
  • Figurines   
Huddleston continues with tips to improve your chances for a sale.

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