Friday, April 18, 2014

Two Great Questions To Ask

I was checking out Renovating NYC and came across this re-post from Raina Cox, an Interior Designer based in Colorado titled "Is your client really ready? 5 questions you need to ask." I've lots of reasons for hiring an interior designer and questions clients should ask. I've even written some myself. This article asks some new questions of a prospective client.

  • “Do you have a realistic budget?” That's a natural!
  • “Are you prepared for the disruption in your life?”
  • “Are you comfortable with how long this will take?” 
  • “What do you think this project will do for you?” - Isn't that a great question? "While decorating can make home life easier by solving problems like traffic flow and space utilization, it cannot make the client a smarter or more well-regarded person."
  • “Is your life in order?” - "Decisions made in an emotional tornado are seldom the right ones, and Yoga Pants Mom will never be comfortable in a Z Gallerie glitz-fest."
Raina Cox has a follow-up to this article and quiz. See 5 signs a potential client my be crazy.”

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