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2015’s Best Investment for Your Home or Business

Barn Doors are hot architectural commodities in home and office style this year. It is a style trend that has started from a trickle to now a roar; and it does not look like it is a trend that will be going away any time soon. Barn doors are here to stay. Interesting fact though, most consumers pick a barn door after purchasing their sliding door hardware. Why?

The Style of Your Home

It is the sliding door hardware that sets the tone for the style of the door. Don't think just because it is a barn door, that your home has to be county themed. Some doors are actually barn doors that have been repurposed, to facilitate a green style of living. Being a more eco conscience society has made the idea of salvaging barn doors a huge growth point. Other doors are not barn doors at all but large pieces of acrylic. In many situations, the doors are not used as doors but as space divider for a large room. Industrial, metallic hardware is used in lofts, high-end companies and studios to give it a modern, edgy feel. Contrariwise, to make a new addition to a home feel rustic or aged, adding distressed metal finished hardware might just do the trick.


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A surprising fact is that the cost of the door hardware can actually be the most expensive part of your barn door project. While a barn door can be acquired from a scrap yard or a barn demo, barn door hardware can only be purchased through a dealer. Do a thorough search online of prices and styles to see what product is best for your. Chances are that once you find the hardware that fits your style, you will fall in love with it and won't be able to purchase anything else. Price ranges for hardware can be anywhere from $100 to $1000. Just keep in mind that having a high quality product is very important. It is an investment that is worth it.


The sliding door hardware that supports your barn door is crucially important, not only for design purposes but for structural support. Although these doors are space savers, due to their sliding motion vs. a swinging out motion, their sizes are big and bigger. They are very heavy, which means the tracks that they run on have to be made out of high quality materials that attach securely to your walls. A great tracks provides you with an easy to open door that glides effortlessly opened and closed. Most individuals who decide to invest their time and money in purchasing a barn door for their home or business, view the door as a piece of artwork that brings value to their domicile. As you would a painting on display in a gallery, you want to ensure the safety and security of your barn door. Choosing a high quality track promotes that security.

Barn doors are an architectural trend that is only going to grow bigger throughout 2015. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to invest in a barn door project, the time is now. With the market growing and demand on the rise, prices will only be going up, salvaged doors will be harder to find, and the really unique doors will be fewer and farther between. Remember it is an investment into your home or business. It is a talking point, something memorable, and something that will make your space unique. It expresses part of who you are, making your space exceptional.

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