Monday, February 09, 2015

Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

By Tim Smith

Adding curb appeal to your home can be done without spending a fortune. A few simple improvements can make all the difference in the look of your home exterior.

Exterior Paint

Developing a tasteful color scheme for your home's exterior is one very impactful way to improve curb appeal. Contrasting trim colors and an inviting palette can really make your home stand out in a neighborhood. If you want the lowest possible cost you can do the work yourself, although this job is preferably done by experienced DIY'ers and professional painters.

Your driveway can make a negative impact if it is cracked or terribly stained. Thankfully these problems are simple and inexpensive to fix. Crack filler or concrete stain are foolproof to use and can really give an old driveway a more updated look.

Garage Update

Once your driveway is nice and neat, take a look at the garage door. Is it the boring or standard issue model? If so, perhaps it's time to update the door. Garage door styles are becoming more unique and custom-looking. There are many options to choose from that can provide a nice finished look to your home. You can even look into some DIY projects for adding high end details to a standard garage door.

Pop of Color

One of the easiest, most affordable improvements you can make is a new hue for your front door. Choose something bright and welcoming that will really stand out and draw attention to your home. This is a great way to go bold without making a huge commitment.

Natural Charm

Cheerful flowers and plants make visitors feel uplifted as they enter your home. Planting a garden around your home's entrance is a classic way to add curb appeal and is very inexpensive if done yourself. If a full scale garden seems too daunting, a few potted plants or window boxes can have a similar effect, with much less maintenance. In dryer climates consider Xeriscaping.

Know Your Numbers

Finally, when choosing curb appeal improvements, it is easy to overlook the mailbox and house numbers. These little details can have a big impact despite their small size. Mailboxes that incorporate the house number are a great option since the numbers are easier to read closer to the street. Make sure that the type of box that you choose reflects the style of your home and you will tie the whole look together for the ultimate in curb appeal.

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