Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Top Designers of 2005: Interview with Donya Wiland

Resuming our interviews of Top Designers for 2005, we are pleased to speak with Donya Wiland / Twilight Design. You know it is going to be an interesting interview when your subject arrives in a white 52 MG TD. Donya’s hair is in a kerchief like you would see on one of those bikers we saw traveling through Yellowstone in August. She’s the type of woman who could wield a wrench one day and belly dance, her hobby, the next day after a manicure.

LF+DG: Donya, thank you so much for making time to answer some questions about your design practice. Tell us something about your background and what are your credentials?
Wiland: You know, I just felt that I had a knack for interior design, but I needed training, so over six years ago I went to the Heritage School of Interior Design and graduated with an ICD.

LF+DG: You are one of the savviest marketers of your services? Tell us about how you get clients.
Wiland: The best sources of new clients are referrals. I also teach seminars at the Home & Garden Show twice a year. Topics include:
# Seven steps to interior design. Before you start spending money and the science behind it.
# Quality vs Price
# Proportion and Scale
# How designers work
# Where do you start, how to implement a design and how to finish.

I believe every one can use a designer to save time and money. My motto is: “Maximize the outcome, minimize the investment.”

LF+DG: Who or what has been an influence in your design?
Wiland: Communication is important with clients, especially when a couple have different views. I use the same communication style as Michael Payne the host of Designing for the Sexes. We share the same skills. He’s a nice guy.

LF+DG: How do you define good design?
Wiland: It’s not what you spend. It’s how you spend it

LF+DG: If I were to hire you to decorate my home, would people who visit say, "Ah, this is a Donya Wiland home?"
Wiland: No, it’s my job to pull together the look the client wants.

LF+DG: Do you come up with a presentation board?
Wiland: After the free consultation, I do a complete design book, which includes the client concept, design suggestions, color palette, color shopping card, floor plan with measurements, paint map and helpful hints.

LF+DG: How do you charge for your services?
Wiland: After the free consultation, my fee is $95 per hour. I pass on any designer discounts to my clients and will go shopping with them. Shopping is a sport for me. I love to win for my client. I believe one should never pay retail!

LF+DG: What other creative things do you do?
Wiland: I am involved in Yoga for fitness and I meet in a Mid-Eastern restaurant to belly dance with a dance troupe. I love to travel and I love cars. I am currently helping my husband Craig restore a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad. And, and, I watch Storm Large compete in Rock Star: Supernova.

LF+DG: Were you disappointed that she lost and Lukas won?
Wiland: No, I rooted for Storm, but Lukas will fit right in with Supernova. Remember, Craig and I and you and Mike have a date to see Storm perform next time she's in Portland!

LF+DG: Donya, where can people reach you?
Wiland: Bev, they can reach me at

Donya Wiland / Twilight Design
Visit my web site:
Email me at:
Call me at 480-247-2513

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery

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