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Tidy Up Tired-Looking Furniture with These Top Tips

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With the holiday season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to clean your furniture so it’ll look good as new for gatherings with relatives and friends, not to mention, it’s good to have ready knowledge of how to clean your furniture when little elves with sticky fingers come to play! Fortunately, there’s no need to cut into your gift shopping budget and splurge on professional cleaning services. Keep reading to learn some easy ways to freshen up furniture without spending a fortune.

Survey the Stains

Most couches and soft armchairs naturally get stained during use. Although it’s ideal to handle a stain immediately after an accident happens, it’s also crucial to treat each stain appropriately. Oil-based stains will require chemical cleaning agents, but stains caused by food, beverages and dirt usually respond well if you use a portable steam cleaner on them.

Bring Out the Baking Soda

Baking soda is probably one of the cheapest cleaners you keep on hand at home, but it’s also one of the most versatile. There are a huge number of ways to use baking soda to clean surfaces ranging from stainless steel to walls that have been scribbled on with crayons.

As far as furniture though, use equal parts of water and baking soda toothpaste to scrub water rings off of wooden coffee tables. The trick also works well for brightening dull wood cabinets. If you don’t get the desired results after the first attempt, do two treatments.

Make Your Own Furniture Polish

Give wood a gorgeous gleam by polishing it with a homemade mixture created from a cup of cold pressed olive oil and a half cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Put the ingredients in a glass jar, then shake it gently to combine them. Apply a small bit to wood furniture using a very soft cloth.

Wipe the Right Way

When wiping furniture, always go in the direction of the grain, using the softest lint-free cloth you can find. If tackling a new spill on upholstery, resist the urge to scrub it frantically. That could cause the substance to sink deeper into the fibers. Instead, blot it carefully to soak up the excess.

Remove Residue

Hard furniture can look dingy if it’s covered with grease and grime. Residue build-up can happen over time, but it’s easy to remove. Mix two parts white vinegar with one part water and get to work.

If you notice white rings appearing on the surface, they’re grease remnants. Get rid of them by grabbing the jar of mayonnaise from your fridge and dab the condiment lightly on the affected portions. Then, cover them with a soft cloth for a few hours, and finally wipe them away.

Get Rid of Spots on Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a great investment, but it’s no more immune to getting stained and spotted than furniture covered with fabric. Remove ink stains from leather by using a cotton swab that’s been dipped in alcohol. You may need to leave the surface damp overnight, then wipe it with a soft cloth in the morning.

Handle other types of spots on leather by mixing equal parts cream of tartar and lemon juice. You’ll create a paste that can be gently worked into the soiled leather. If a stain is severe, let the paste sit on the material for a couple hours before cleaning it away.

The holiday season is traditionally a time when people invite others into their homes to share good times. If you’re planning on doing the same, there’s no need to stress about the condition of your furniture. The tips you’ve just read could help you fix it in a flash.

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