Friday, April 22, 2005

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

We have spent some time interviewing Interior designers that are in the Top Designers of 2004 at Landfair Furniture. We will be having more interviews, the next is scheduled with Lisa Seung on Monday. You will be surprised at her background. Why spend all this time with designers? Here are 10 reasons:

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

1. Provide Solutions: Each project, small or large presents challenges. Whether it be lack of storage,poor traffic flow, color scheme, unusual windows or maximizing light and space.

2. Prevent Costly Mistakes: So many choices, too many options, this product over that product. There are so many things that are hard to know unless you have encountered those dozens of times before.

3. Resources: There’s a world of furnishings, fabrics, case goods and accessories that are “to the trade only”. Designers have access to local and national manufacturers and products that would otherwise be unavailable to most consumers.

4. Well Connected: Any design is only as good as its execution. Designers work with the best workrooms, carpenters, and painters and have the clout to make sure the price matches the quality.

5. Guidance: A designer knows sources well enough to edit the options and offer seasoned advice to guide clients through the myriad of design choices.

6. Convenience: Designers save you shopping time and work on-site. A designer will bring the “store” to you.

7. Set Priorties: A Designer will help allocate your “design dollars” and how best to spend your money now and plan for future phases of your design project.

8. Liaison/Advocate: Designers work with trades-people and manufacturers regularly and have more leverage to get things repaired or replaced when necessary.

9. Working Through Opposing Taste: Designers can be the third party to join taste and style between husband and wife or significant other.

10. Get the Job Done: Designers see to it that everything is completed. Often when a project drags on for months, clients might be inclined to leave those few details undone if they are doing it themselves. It’s the designer's job to see to it that every aspect is completed to your satisfaction.

Bev & Mike

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