Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Who Be You?

Gosh, has it been that long since our last post? Our goal is to post daily. We want you to come back to see what's new. We will try harder. We receieve in the mail a weekly paper called FURNITUREToday. The online edition has a number of blogs. One blog has the name Furniture Sketchbook by David Perry and it has a post Retail shopping experience even more important than our products. In it he writes
This week I present you with a shocking proposition: The merchandise in our retail stores is not as important as the experience of shopping our stores.
He says a Starbucks store is a good illustration:
My reader said that consumers flock to Starbucks for the sense of community: “Starbucks is the new Main Street, the town square. It’s welcoming. It’s warm. The music is playing. People are encouraged to work, study or pay bills – any of a number of activities usually done at home, in the office, or even a library – places that don’t promote social interaction and a sense of belonging to a larger community. Consumers are hungry for this experience.”
At Landfair Furniture we try to offer that same experience and recently Marcie Harris, a designer in Portland said,
Bev is my favorite design source in the Portland area. I feel her place is the coffee shop at "Friends", since I always find an interesting designer to talk to there. Her complete and undivided attention to us designers really makes our lives so much easier.
We think, too many times, we worry about being competitive as far as price, when it's really about what you are. Or in the words of a mentor, "Who be you?
Bev & Mike
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