Saturday, July 09, 2005

Christopher Bates of fauxcade

Was it really April that we introduced you to the artist Darryl Ware in Interior Design Event with Darryl Ware? Yes!

Now meet Christopher Bates of Lake Oswego. Sometimes we are just amazed at art and the subjects that artists choose. While in Napa Valley early in our marriage, Mike and I came across an artist that made miniture bricks and then formed those bricks into large vases. In places the sides were broken to reveal the unique brick structure underneath. Truly exceptional work. What does this have to do with Christopher Bates?

Chris came into our shop and showed us his portfolio of sculptures. His work at fauxcade is a result of the fusion of his interests in art, architecture and the manual crafts. From one who is fascinated by architecture, these scuptures are unique. Rrom his website, fauxcade

"We are creating large-scale architectural sculptures in a way that pays homage to great architectural styles from the past, but at the same time plays with classic color and texture formats."

"It's a synthesis of the way an artist may have made an architectural model, by hand, 400 years ago, with modern concepts of art and decoration." The result is a beautiful sculptural object that is absorbing and visually dramatic in a way that is unique to our artform.

The molds for each sculpture are hand-formed using traditional methods, then cast with architectural grade plaster. Finally, each sculpture is colorized individually, so each is unique

The pieces range in size from a foot high to 7 1/2 feet tall, in the case of a full facade. Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery may be offering these sculptures in our store in the near future.

Bev & Mike

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