Thursday, September 01, 2005

Donate to the American Red Cross Through KINK FM 102

Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery has made a monetary contribution through KINK FM 102 to the American Red Cross to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. We urge you to do the same. Here's the Kink announcement:
Here's how it works: Click here to donate to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. When you do, you'll get back an e-mail confirmation of your donation. Then, forward the confirmation e-mail to (or fax it to 503-517-6100), along with your name and phone number by midnight Thursday night.

All day Thursday, KINK FM 102 will play new songs from The Rolling Stones each hour from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. We will enter listeners who donate to the Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund of the American Red Cross into a drawing for Rolling Stones prize packages, each including a pair of tickets to the Rolling Stones concert November 1 at the Rose Garden Arena as well as a copy of their upcoming release A Bigger Bang, which will be released next Tuesday.

Donate to the American Red Cross through KINK FM 102. You may win two tickets to see the Rolling Stones. You can also sell the tickets and donate the proceeds. Get creative! Have an auction to raise money for hurricane relief. Let's make sure we take care of our own.

Bev & Mike

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