Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bloggin Around

I have added some new links to the Blogroll and I invite you to check these blogs out:

An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink - THROWING MYSELF ON THE GRENADE OF BAD FOOD TO SAVE YOU

Beaumont-Hollywood - Just north of the corner of NE42nd and Fremont is Beaumont Village's newest coffee cafe, Ristretto Roasters. From CoffeegGeek is a definition of Ristretto

The standard I teach is a 1 oz shot of espresso, not including crema. Unless otherwise requested I believe that this should be the default volume served in all espresso based drinks. I have served this to people asking for a ristretto shot and have only had positive feedback in return. To serve a true ristretto shot (.75 oz of liquid in 25 seconds) an adjustment to the grinder is required and is not realistic or recommended (NOTE: The preparation of a ristretto shot is highly debated with no definitive answers. The above is one of only many “right” ways to prepare a ristretto shot). A lazy man’s ristretto shot is as simple as pulling the cup out from under the pour when only .75 oz of liquid has run through.
Brooklyn - A lot of questions about Condo Conversions
...what happens to funky Hawthorne when the funky people can't find a place to rent and move elsewhere?
Buckman - Community gardening and some little pink wiggly things

Clinton - Hau Hagedorn celebrates one year blogging.

Some juicy bit of rumor that I've latched onto recently is inquiries by developers into the current occupied space on Seven Corners where the Domino's and Seven Days Market reside.
ExtremeMSG - Culinary Blog and Portland Food Guide

I Will Survive - Sandee, a courageous woman blogging her way through breast cancer.

Is It Art? - So how do you really feel about Brushstrokes, the new art piece at the Portland Art Museum?

Jen's Page - Jen has some thoughts about Julie Powell

who decides to cook through every recipe in Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in one year. And, this being the 21st century and all, she writes a blog about her experiences.
Kenilworth-Abernethy - Driving 39th!

Northwest Portland - praise for Ken's Pizza

So Ken's Pizza rocks. The crust is extra crispy and the sauce is very flavorful with garlic, basil and fennel seeds. Ken is a gracious host and I'll certainly be back for more.
Old Town - complaints about lack of Community Policing
Community policing means working with the neighborhoods - a partnership - in the true sense where each is expected to contribute and there is a welcoming of resident participation by the police. A resident ride along is not community policing - it is marketing.
Pearl Blog - What's new in the Pearl

Piedmont - Piedmont Neighborhood Association Meeting, Wednesday, Sept. 28

Portland Real Estate Blog - Two articles, What Will Kartina do to Portland's Real Estate Market and Who Buys New Construction Condos?

QPDX - the gay news blog

Sellwood - while you are organizing to keep Walmart out, stop in at the new to the 'hood, Lili Patisserie Cafe which serves espressos and pastries.

Stumptown Confidential - documenting disturbing motels.

I got mildly depressed just looking at these. I can practically smell the cigarette smoke embedded into the carpet and curtains and the bleach in the bathroom hiding the faint smell of old urine.
Time Goes By - What it's really like to get older

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