Thursday, January 25, 2007

Color in 2007

On Bridget Otto Thursday, the topic is color and pink in particular, in Pink has punch -- or does it? Is "Pink" the color of the year, 2007? Glidden thinks so when a press release says "pink is causing 'quite a stir among designers and homeowners alike'." Otto asks, Is it really?"
... although pink does seem to be popping up in clothing accents and midcentury modern furniture design, it's anyone's guess whether the color experts' prediction of pink -- "a truly worthy renaissance of a colour so long constrained" -- will catch on.
Otto quotes the Color Marketing Group and they see different colors for 2007:
* softer, more botanical greens inspired by nature.
* true blues from nature will be everywhere.
* the colors of rock and stone and soil.
* Deep, rich ethnic reds and warm, glow-y oranges
* No mention of pink.
Otto talked with interior designer Kimberly Jaynes
Not afraid of unusual and bright colors -- "In the Northwest, we need color" -- Jaynes used hot pink in a home in the Pearl about four years ago. It was a shocking pink, she says, that she tempered with chocolate brown and mixed in some blues and greens.
and Otto quoted yours truly,
Bev Landfair with Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery isn't exactly thrilled about softer pinks making their way back. They're hard to work with, she says, and remind her of the last time pink was big.

"You get that poodle feeling."

Taking her shot at predicting color, Landfair votes for white.

"I'm seeing a resurgence of white -- especially in contemporary furnishings," she said. "
In another article in today's Homes & Gardens, Bridget A. Otto visits the home of Bob and Stevie Burke.
It took more than two years to create the Burkes' home on the property they bought six years ago. The original structure, a three-story cabin, was demolished -- save for part of the entryway and some of the framework -- and removed from the hillside nearly piece by piece before the site could be excavated.
Just look at the front door. It reminds me of doors we saw in Florence, Italy.

The photo taken by Marv Bondarowicz shows the front door found in India

I noticed that Stevie credits interior designer Karol Niemi "...for infusing the house with color."

Bev & Mike

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