Saturday, February 03, 2007

Environmental Building Supplies

There can be disagreement about global warming and its causes, but there is no denying the Green Movement. Our bookkeeper, Helen Pilgrim, sends us a note about Slatescape, EcoCem and Paper StoneCounter tops. She says she first heard about it in the Oregonian Home & Gardens section. "I don't know how this compares to granite, but it looks great."

shown: Obsidian Bar Closeup

Slatescape and EcoCem are cement-based materials that are heat-resistant and have a casual, natural look. This man-made stone is manufactured in large sheets, and custom fabricated for each installation. It is available in a range of colors and thicknesses. Fabricated, finished and installed slatescape costs between $85.00 - $125.00/sf.

An innovative material that is manufactured in the Northwest, PaperStone is made using a proprietary blend of post consumer recycled paper and resin. PaperStone is sold by the slab (1"x30"x10') for $975.00, or can be fabricated, finished and installed for between $85.00 - $125.00/sf.

The products are either sold, manufactured or both at Environmental Building Supplies (EBS) who bills itself as a local and regional source of environmentally sound building products.

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