Friday, February 16, 2007

Bridget Otto Thursday

Once again on Thursday, Bridget A. Otto delivers an interesting article about the use of color and texture. She interviewed Stephanie Ness and Erin Davis of Mosaik Design about the use of color and texture in a kitchen remodel. "Variations kept the room from being boring", said Ness.

Michelle Rolens of Neil Kelly Co. says people tend to go for the monochronmatic because it's safe.

Diane Plesset of D.P. Design and Publishing says, "Using color and texture requires rhythm."

Designer Nancy Mitchell of Nancy Mitchell Interiors says people make a mistake by adding too many colors. She suggests creating a more generic backdrop of earthy colors that can be accessorized today, tomorrow or later, but still look current.

The article is called Bold Harmony and offers some interesting perspectives.

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