Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Landfair Retail Focus Debuts!

Mike is excited! He has been hired to post to a blog, The Landfair Retail Focus, on the Home Accents Today website. They have asked him to post to the blog at least three times a week. They rolled out a new website and his handsome face.

appears on the front page along with his first post, Establishing My Credentials. Down girls! He is happily married for 15 years..

He invites you to surf by occasionally and grade his efforts.

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture & Design Gallery


Keith Griffis said...

I am quite interested in this. One thing I would love to hear something about is how online retailers could cultivate relationships with designers. Our site has been a large supporter of outdoor living designers by providing luxury patio furniture at deep discounts.

Bev & Mike said...

Keith, I just checked your site and I don't see anything that encourages designers to use your site to order for clients. You might say something like "if you are a designer call for our designer discount. At our store a designer must fill out a form and have a license to get designer discount. You also must protect designer by never giving the retail customer the designer's price without the designer's consent.