Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don Draper's Furniture on "Mad Men"

Are you a fan of "Mad Men" like we are? It is such an eye opener to see how just a little over 40 years ago, men were such smokers, drinkers, double-standard chauvinists. It's fun to see how the role of women has changed radically since those days in the early sixties.

You may be wondering where the show got some of the furniture seen in Don Draper's office.

Not everything on the "Mad Men"set is genuine 1960s vintage Manhattan. The sofa, chairs and coffee table in Don Draper's office are made in Los Angeles by Futurama. Owner Jeffrey Perry, who began selling vintage furniture in 1986 and has since reproduced classics in the manner of William Haines and Vladimir Kagan, created the Boxy sofa ...with a nod to the late Southern California designer Milo Baughman.
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