Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting The Sale

You have done another great design but it doesn't seem to get the recognition you thought it would. Why is that?
It's the marketing that doesn't come easily. DUDYE explains:

Designers are often focused on their own work, this is good, and it has its own place. But as a designer you also need to understand the market and your marketing. Another crucial aspect to focus on is your team. So concisely, you need to focus on four things:

1. Marketing - Your client/customer
2. The Market
3. Your Team - Your allies
4. Your work - You

Designers that focus and understand these four aspects of business get more recognition. Most designers' works are just beautiful and I say "just" because that seems to be the function of the designer's work. Beauty is fine but it doesn't seem to solve any problem that people might have.

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Furniture In North Carolina said...

Yes designer should also know the his designs market apart from his design work he should understand his marketplace.